Roid Rage


Action / Comedy / Horror / Short

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pinchpot 1 / 10 / 10

Guaranteed to lower your IQ

I don't even have much to say about this short but i'll try. Amateur, juvenile, cheap, low rent, embarrassing , ignorant, really a pathetic piece of "film making". This is literally the story of a poop covered, flesh eating, killer hemorrhoid. Even if you enjoy "so bad it's good" trash cinema and this concept appeals to you you still are going to likely be extremely disappointed because it isn't even funny bad. It's just pathetic bad. Like telling a fart joke and still somehow screwing up the punchline. Don't encourage this. This is as bottom of the barrel as it gets.

Reviewed by papadeltazulu 7 / 10 / 10

Someone gave this a SEVEN?? Really?

Just watched this as part of the "minutes to midnight" anthology film and all I can say is, this has to be the worst horror short I've ever seen. Acting so bad it would make Ed Wood cringe, dialogue so appalling, it's like a stoned 12 year old wrote it and effects that are anything but special. The minutes to midnight film is below average at best but this one is definitely the worst of the bunch. Awful.

Reviewed by Foreverisacastironmess123 7 / 10 / 10

"This is one salad you don't wanna toss!"

They're sure not talking steroids here folks.. The plot of this little 'wonder' of bad taste is that a man is left with a mutated killer haemorrhoid that regularly emerges from his rear end as a vicious chomping sharp-toothed maw after suffering the bad after effects of some haemorrhoid cream that got radioactive from the local plant, and now he's being hunted by both crew from the plant looking to cover up their icky mishap as well as the police department who have been following the trail of hookers that he has been forced to feed the Xenomorph-like horror, and there's your hook! This short was incredibly stupid and offensive, very vile and disgusting, and it was badly-acted, with the practical creature and gore effects being pretty laughable..but, it did have a certain crass charm and zany enthusiasm to it and I soon learned to enjoy it for what it was trying to do, it made me laugh, and besides which, I have seen worse! It felt a bit like a demented no-budget quasi sequel of sorts to that horrible unfunny movie "Teeth." It's tone was also somewhat akin to the over-the-top camp gory craziness of the Toxic Avenger Troma movies, as well as having a bit of a retro style thing going on that was meant to emulate the violent action movies of the eighties. Regardless of the purposely cheap as dirt vibe though, it still could have been done a little better. I'd say it needed more gory scenes in it, and it tried a little too hard to be gross, but on the other hand you don't watch a short about a guy with a monster for a butt expecting something that's well done in any way so I don't really know what to think! The most disturbing as well as the most nauseating scene was the one with the pervy proctologist who takes a little too much joy in his work and gets half his face bitten off after digging a little too deep! Most may in fact prefer undergoing an actual enema to watching this short and lord knows they may have a point, but I reckon that this bizarre mix of body horror, comedy and absurdity is worth watching for the shock factor and laughs involved. I guess there's a little 'roid' rage in all of us! ;P

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