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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by captainzip 8 / 10 / 10

supremely worth catching

I showed my Super 8 print of Rome Express to a small audience recently after a pause of 8 years and was delighted to rediscover how well scripted and tightly directed it is. This tale of theft, blackmail, murder and love moves at a rapid pace for a British film of its time, builds its characters and suspense admirably, and involves much fluid camera-work, excellent use of extras, and extremely thoughtful editing. The various intriguing characters on the overnight train from Paris to Rome include a movie starlet who is tired of her publicity agent's strict regime of press stunts, a fence who is trying to get away with a painting stolen from the crooks who stole it in the first place, a millionaire who is only generous when its likely to get him in the papers, runaway lovers who don't want to be involved in anything or with anyone but themselves, a golf course bore, and a French police inspector on vacation. It's delightful to watch the journey go gradually wrong for almost everyone involved, and in such a cleverly constructed way that it does full credit to writer Sidney Gilliat and former silent film comedian turned director Walter Forde. Scots actor Finlay Currie does a very acceptable American accent as the publicist (boasting of having been press agent to Tom Mix's horse), Conrad Veidt is supremely sinister and threatening as the art crook Zurta, Donald Calthrop is his usual creepy self as the cowardly fence on the run, and Esther Ralston is simply delicious in a variety of stunning 1930s outfits as jaded but very beautiful starlet Asta Marvelle. Yum! This forerunner of many a classic train movie was acclaimed as one of the best films of 1933 and it's easy to see why – especially if you care to be kind about the model shots (more convincing than Hitchcock's) and some of the background scenery seen outside the train at night. And of course the Gaumont British Lime Grove Studios reconstruction of the train itself is almost as attractive as Esther Ralston – but not quite. While its acting is rather wooden – hers definitely isn't. Like the sumptuously luxurious train, this film is one worth waiting for and even gets a little steamy at times. The journey is pleasing, colourful and more exciting than the destination.

Reviewed by mail-671 8 / 10 / 10


This is the great granddaddy of train portmanteau thrillers and Walter Forde,like Hitchcock, had a thing for trains - he even remade his now lost 1931 "The Ghost Train" and became a serious leading British Director. The production of Rome Express opened the large new Lime Grove(Gainsborough)studios in W London using two huge sets to accommodate both terminii & the impressive express. Conrad Veidt was a comparative newcomer to London from Germany escaping a future under the Nazis and stayed to make a number of other acclaimed 30s films like "Jew Suss" "Passing of the Third Floor Back" "Dark Journey" & "Under The Red Robe" until ending up at Denham with the Kordas. He loved Britain and loathed Hitler but this didn't stop his 40s performances as an assortment of nazi officials - "Escape" "Spy In Black" and,of course,"Casablanca". The popular Scottish actor,Finlay Currie played the same part in this and its almost shot-for-shot remake 15 years later at 70.He was probably best known as the convict,Magwitch, in the superb 1946 remake of "Great Expectations".

Reviewed by mcdaid 8 / 10 / 10

Seldom seen gem of a movie.

Although this film has dated somewhat it remains a classic in it's genre, and surely is the inspiration for other such train based thrillers as Murder on the Orient Express and the Lady Vanishes. Conrad Veidt was never better and is well supported by an illustrious cast. Technically the sound quality in 1932 leaves a little to be desired but this should not detract from a little seen gem of a movie

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