Ronal Barbaren


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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December 13, 2020


Brigitte Nielsen as Amazon Queen
Lars Mikkelsen as Volcazar
Louis Lombardi as The Oracle
Sven-Ole Thorsen as Generalen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simon-sonnichsen 10 / 10 / 10

I had a very good laugh all the way through the film and so did the rest of the cinema

I had a very good laugh all the way through the film and so did the rest of the cinema. It nice that the animation industry has started to make films for not just the young audience. And this is one of the film that would entertain the grown ups, but might not be good for taking the kids along. Its actually funny but its gory and the language is probably not regarded as suitable for kids. The film is a spin-off joke on the classic Conan the Babarian with a bit of Lord of the Rings added to it. And that might call for one-liners and jokes about about stereotypes of that universe, narcissism, gore violence, mysticism etc. And that works really well. But there is more to the quality of the film than just that. I think the film was generally really well made. Very nice camera work, lay out, cutting and the pace of the film worked well. It is good craftsmanship. Taking a spin on the classic story we have a hero who seems nothing like a hero. And an odd gang. Obviously they have to go on a quest, just like Conan had to. The story is in that sense classic, but at the same time it has lots of clever and dumb comments to the genre. And it really worked for me. I laughed a lot.

Reviewed by pier39lab 9 / 10 / 10

Extremely Adventurous, plently humorous and Barbaric!

I typically watch trailers before judging a movie but this was right off the bat and I must say I enjoyed every tiny bit of it. This movie comprises of rock solid adventure, dark raunchy humor and sarcasm all at the same time, pretty intense. I can safely say a lot probably went into the making of the movie; The direction and animation is very very well made. If you loved 'How to train your dragon', most likely, you'll love this too. I watched it with not great e-translated subtitles and it still made me laugh plenty but I wish this movie comes out with an English dub and I'm pretty sure it's going to hit the IMDb top 250, no doubt. (Because of the original danish language, I'm wondering if a lot theaters around the world would show it) I haven't watched a lot of good animated movies targeting on raunchy humor, this one has one too many and that makes it super funny! Yea, you can't take the kids, I don't think it was made for them. All in all, the movie was BARBARIC!

Reviewed by intelearts 9 / 10 / 10

515th Review: Excellent - part-spoof, part true adventure - totally fun!

Ronal is the seven stone weakling and the rest of his tribe, the Barbarians, are all built like Arnie. Guess who will be the hero? Ronal the Barbarian is simply one the better kick-back and enjoy it films of the year: rude, sure but not so much that it's gross, violent, not so much actually, and fun - lots and lots of fun. We just enjoyed this - it's beautifully made, and visually it is really rewarding - nothing skimped here except the clothing for both the men and women - all the men are muscle bound in Borat thongs and all the girls positively pneumatic and Teutonic - however it all fits the style well sure it's gratuitous, but it is not offensive. The surprise is how good the plot and the script are - the time flies by and there is enough substance here to make this more than watchable. Above all this is just a kick-back and enjoy it animated adventure that lampoons the Conan genre perfectly while doing so affectionately. The time whizzed by - the voice acting was a notch above - especially when considering this was in Danish and dubbed into English - and overall this would simply be one of the most straight-up enjoyable films of year. Very much recommended if Game of Thrones with lots of laughs and silliness rocks your boat...

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