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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colinwii 9 / 10 / 10

Breathtakingly simple, breathtakingly brilliant

Coming into this movie I didn't have any high expectations, I watched this with a friend who's really into the whole parkour thing. But throughout the movie I found myself captured with the narration and feel of it all. We are presented with professional parkour team Storror and their adventures as they embark on a journey throughout Asia to find, so called, parkour locations. In the movie we get insight in these daredevils minds but also get to take part of the uncertainties and the overcoming of them. We follow the group through many different locations, and your ears and eyes are treated with amazing sound and filming. On a very limited budget I would say this is one of the most impressive works there is. I strongly recommend you watch this, to get a more detailed description of just what it means to be in a movement such as Roof Culture, and perhaps also to be inspired, because I sure was.

Reviewed by kylemainsley 10 / 10 / 10

A true look at parkour

Obviously the stunts in this film are dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone, but these people are professionals. They know what they can and can't do and they are able to show their thought process to every stunt they do. This film shows features not only absolutely outstanding parkour, but also it features a real look into doing parkour. From scouting locations to talking to police and trying to not get in too much trouble with the authorities. While the film is similar to their videos on YouTube, it shows much more detail into the lifestyle of travelling to different countries doing parkour, not to mention the cinematography and insane stunts of the film.

Reviewed by martinclarke-38873 10 / 10 / 10

Literally a feature length cliff hanger

Need to see more of this elite team of parkour athletes. This was an epic watch and I'm hoping more Movies are made by these guys. The camera work is second to none and the intense interview footage only adds to the suspense of the action that follows. How much screen administered adrenaline can they pump through the screen into my shining eye balls? Buzzing, need more

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