Rose Island


Comedy / Drama

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François Cluzet as Jean Baptiste Toma'
Tom Wlaschiha as W.R. Neumann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CarsonTrent 10 / 10 / 10

Great movie + genius futile idea

And a wonderful metaphor for the search for independence of man. I hadn't heard of this story, but it feels great to find out that occasionaly there exist such people, somewhere. Today, as Europe has begun taking itself as serious a State as the other United Ones across the pond, such a transgression would never be possible. We have laws for everything. State, Police and military watchdogs surveiling. And such a free spirit would be immediately interpreted as subversive rather that excentric. As the shape of a "new normal" dystopian post plandemic society fast emerges, I wonder how many of us secretly dream about dragging some hollow steel pillars in the middle of the Ocean just so we can become sane again. If only for a moment in time. But that is the fate of Man. To sometimes dream and mostly succumb to the tyranny of the crowd. Fantastic movie about much more than meets the eye. Top music and acting. Never a dull moment. Perfect 10* score for me.

Reviewed by ue-53660 9 / 10 / 10

A beautiful little Italian gem

This is a beautifully written, acted and directed little gem. It is very funny, sweet, intelligent and light. The design production and photography are particularly beautiful, colourful, a bit surrealist, reminiscent of Fellini's style. Very enjoyable.

Reviewed by faer_kr 9 / 10 / 10

Always be idealistic

The incredible story of the island of the Rose is an Italian drama based on real events. It is about an idealistic young man who, seeing himself at one point frustrated and crushed by the system, rejected by his ex-girlfriend and alienated from reality, imagines a place that is only for him, building an island and unleashing the fury of the system. Entertaining Quality. Light jokes and sarcasms of situation. The time spectacularly recreated. The soundtrack at the moment. Good effects, except for two or three moments are not fully achieved. How many of us have potential and the system limits us and takes it away from us? How much of our potential and free spirit does the school and the system foster? Why does the system pressure us on those people or situations that it cannot control? That's what the movie is about. A film that invites us to exploit our potential and always pursue our ideals and those things that we are passionate about. It also shows how the system crushes you if you do not meet the standard that they want, and of course, the same society. The acting is good and the script is nice.

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