Run, Hide, Die


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aw1963 1 / 10 / 10

Boring,bad and annoying

Just an all round bad movie,for the first hour pretty much nothing happens but a way too long conversation concerning poo,that is followed up by 25 minutes of wailing ,whining tied up girls being tortured by a drunken,decrepit old granny who could have been easily overwhelmed by 5 young girls even tied up if they had put some thought into it instead of spending all their time sqealling so loud you couldn't understand the dialogue.All this is then followed up with escape,run,bash crazy granny but run away so crazy granny can get up again and recapture you and a very dull and badly done 15 minute kill spree yada yada yada.Now,I don't mind a predictable movie,hell,most movies are,but this was so predictable right to the very end scene,and so horribly filmed and acted that I actually put it through my shredder so I could never lay eyes on it again.

Reviewed by dx_baby 2 / 10 / 10

Sheer something, definitely not horror

I love the fake reviews that can't say one specific thing about the movie. I found that if you mute any scene with all five college-ish girls the movie is watchable. Their dialogue is unbelievably forced, especially when they 'laugh' at each others' jokes. Lines like 'I begged my vibrator to take me back' or 'let's hit the trail like horsesh*t'. The 'actress' character and the wise cracking but completely unfunny lesbian character look like they're in their 40's.

Reviewed by nospam-25-374977 2 / 10 / 10

Sad little movie-the only true horror was the writing!

Based on the previous glowing reviews, you'd think this little indie film was an undiscovered gem. Or maybe, after you saw it, you'd suspect the reviewers were somehow affiliated with the film...or being charitable, just saw a different movie. In any case, this movie is just plain bad. The dialog is inane, the characters are generally unsympathetic and their behavior is irritatingly stupid when the "action" begins. The so-called "action" was followed by 10 or so minutes straight of high-pitched caterwauling and lack of realistic responses by the characters/victims. The villains were lifeless cardboard cutouts. I hoped and couldn't wait for the lot of them to be killed off and this turkey to be over. I appreciate those risk-takers who make indie movies. However, this one would have been better left at the junior high-school where it was probably written. See something else or don't say I didn't warn you!

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