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Damian Lewis as Patrick Connor
Jennifer Ehle as Valerie Sonnenschein
Nina Dobrev as Monica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmgniagara-447-236071 1 / 10 / 10

Dull dull dull

I am very aware of this story that takes place in Toronto. This rambles all over the place. There are some well known names and faces. They must have needed the money or a free plane ticket to Toronto and sightseeing. Damian Lewis as Rob Ford. Why?

Reviewed by datadata-69167 1 / 10 / 10

So disappointing

Saw this at the Traverse City Film Festival. Was really excited as it had Damian Lewis and was described as, "... comes this whip-smart, rapid-fire, political sizzler that delivers all the AARON SORKIN vibes you want." Yes, they actually used his name. And they delivered none of that. The biggest problem with this movie was the story. Plain and simple. It bored me to tears. The music & cinematography were good as was Nina Dobrev, but everything else was tough to sit through. I'm guessing the only reason this movie got into the festival was because director Ricky Tollman agreed to speak afterwords. We were told he left early lol. He knew it was bad, that's why he was a no-show. I wouldn't have thought about writing a review until I overheard at least 9 other people complaining about the movie.

Reviewed by GeorgeWHAMMYBush 1 / 10 / 10


I made it through the whole thing. That's my best one line review for this horrible train wreck. I get what they're hoping to achieve. They want to make it some sleuths uncovering a huge scandal but they can't dress up the garbage enough and I wasn't the only one rolling their eyes at the screening I attended. "What world is this in?" was what I heard two rows in front of me. Followed by everyone chuckling. Damian Lewis looks more like Mike Myers as Fat Bastard than Rob Ford and the drug dealers they had in this looking like morality heroes was quite funny. I guess being from Toronto and lived through this is funny to see how desperate the filmmaker was to alter the story. Yes he smoked crack. The people who sold the video smoked it with him and sold it to him. They came to this country and hurt it as much as possible. Yet in this movie they're portrayed as good guys. It's sad to see something like this. Rob Ford said no to unions and even after his death they're still out for blood. Thankfully this mess is the best they can come up with. Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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