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Reviewed by Spinetinglers 1 / 10 / 10

Try to Avoid This Rush Hour

Lee and Carter are no Riggs and Murtaugh! An attempt on the Chinese Ambassador's life is made just as he is about to reveal the names of the Triad leaders. While the ambassador is lying in the hospital, Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) and Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) promise his daughter that they will catch the man who attempted to assassinate her father. Lee and Carter travel to Paris to save the girl, solve the crime and catch the bad guy. The story goes that this film was not released in China because they only can release a certain number of Western films per year and they had reached their quota. Also, the other reason they gave for not releasing a film in which China's biggest star appears was that the Chinese censors found Chris Tucker's character offensive. When I heard this, I thought it was just another case of political correctness gone mad and it couldn't possibly be that bad. After seeing the movie, however, I have to agree. I wish it had not been released here either. The movie only runs just under 90 minutes (thankfully). The stunts are nothing spectacular and the comedy set pieces are below average. In fact, the funniest part of the movie is the blooper reel at the end, which would lead me to believe that it is not the fault of the leads that the movie is not really that funny or engaging. The blame should lie firmly at the feet of the writers. With my saying all of this, I am sure fans of the series will turn out to see it in droves; yet, I can't help but think that most will find this the weakest in the series. But don't worry, Rush Hour 4 is on its way. I am sure it will be better – well, let's face it, it couldn't be any worse.

Reviewed by Organic_6 9 / 10 / 10

"Rush" has never felt so slow

What we have here is a sequel of two action-comedy blockbusters and let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Unfortunately, even though Brett Ratner had six years to direct a Rush Hour 3 it seems as if he didn't use his time wisely. Rush Hour 3 isn't necessarily a horrible film, its just void of belly laughs to make up for the disappointment in the weak action, story and chemistry. WARNING: Best jokes are used up in the trailer. The rest of the jokes have been used in other films or they're just not funny. Its hard to even tell when I was supposed to giggle. Carter and Lee try to solve a case in which a famous ambassador is shot in the chest the moment he is giving a ceremonial speech. Even though the ambassador is guaranteed to live, his daughter makes Carter and Lee make a promise that they will catch this criminal who put the ambassador in harm's way. After that it sort of just lost me. But I didn't care, I mean come on this is Rush Hour. I came here for the comedy right? Well it turns out that there's a bunch of twist and turns and rituals and mysteries that almost seemed like a supporting genre of the film. The relationship between Lee and his brother is tremendously frustrating. Mainly because his brother is an evil, foolish murderer and yet Lee can't accept the fact that killing him would make the future convenient. Throughout the film Lee hesitates to kill him which I know you'll grow tired of as well. But that's not Jackie's only problem. 99% of the film he looks miserable. What happened to the Lee that made an idiot of himself that we saw having a good time yet had the time to perform kick-ass action? Speaking of action scenes, the karate he uses is much more milder and instead of using his fists and legs he's always trying to defend himself with an object and running away instead of going after. Carter is more obnoxious than funny in this film. Just yelling and screaming words but the truth is that just because you amplify your voice doesn't make something funny. There's some plot in here that almost made me feel like I was watching Rush Hour 2 again cause we had that moment where Carter and Lee got mad at each other and become friends again, where they judge each other by race and the finale where they fly to the ground from a skyscraper with enemies firing at them. The action sequences aren't anything special, story hard to follow and comedy not in the league of the first two Rush Hours. Overall Rush Hour 3 is worthy of a rental. Nothing is worth while on the big screen though. I think people planning to see this would have a much more promising time at Stardust or Superbad.

Reviewed by davidtkd-25249 9 / 10 / 10

Rush Hour 3 (2007): A Third Rush - A Great Sequel

Rush Hour 3 is an American 2007 martial arts buddy cop action film and the sequel to the 2001 film Rush Hour 2. Rush Hour 3 has a very simple but interesting plot. After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han (Tzi Ma), Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and L.A.P.D. Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) find out who is responsible and they head to Paris, France to stop the Triads once again from their despicable crimes. Rush Hour 3 takes place 10 years after the events of Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Directed by Brett Ratner, the film has a good amount of humor, crime, and action as well as drama. One of his better films. Rush Hour 3 made a good profit. However, it was made on a budget of $140,000,000 and only grossed $258,000,000, making it the least successful entry financially in the series. Rush Hour 3, while not a masterpiece like Rush Hour (1998) and Rush Hour 2 (2001), is still a great sequel and an extremely underrated film. Don't listen to the critics. Just watch this movie and I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you loved the first two as much as I did. 9/10.

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