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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkm-7 8 / 10 / 10

Refreshingly original, inspirational film

Corbin Bernsen plays James Moore, a minister struggling with a kind of faith-based mid-life crisis. Quitting his job, he returns to his hometown to find that its people have been through their own share of crises and misfortunes - including a tragic, deadly house-fire resulting in the arrest and detention in a psych hospital of Travis, his childhood friend. Can James pull it together enough to make sense of life's unfortunate turns? And how far should he go to help his friend? Corbin Bernsen wrote, directed and co-produced this refreshingly original story. His use of unknown actors gives the film a realistic edginess that some may find fault with, but I found part of the charm. In the end, themes of doubt, faith, friendship, loyalty and hope are what makes the film inspirational, family fare.

Reviewed by symea 10 / 10 / 10

small town murder mystery

I have never written a review but I found the film quite moving. It was " just a good movie" until I watched the making of the movie- Most of the other actors are not actors at all. Corbin simply pulled the townspeople and gave them roles. The preacher was the real town preacher, the town "strange guy"- was just that! I was wondering why this film had such a different feel than most Hollywood big pics. It was REAL! suddenly, the film became much more to me. Corbin explains about his writing, the death of his real father, spreading his ashes in the middle of downtown.The struggles of this little town called Kipling and on and on.... I was so touched ! Highly recommend ( DVD-- so you can watch the extras)

Reviewed by vlevensonnd-1 10 / 10 / 10

Thumbs Way Up!!

I rented this movie knowing that it appeared to be low budget, and seeing that the only recognizable actor was Bernsen, therefore, I was not going to expect to see an Oscar nominated movie. And that's OK! I read what it was about and it looked like something I was most definitely willing to give a try. I knew who Bernsen's character was speaking to immediately in the beginning scene. As a Lay Minister/Deaconess I've been there before - and more then once in my life. The movie held my interest from beginning to end. I'm an excellent person to figure out the 'who dunnits' and I generally always know well before others how a movie is going to end. This had a couple curve balls I was not expecting! I don't know about you, but I've been fed up with raunchy shows and movies before I was even an adult, so that's why when I come across movies like this, I'm not only willing to give it a shot, but I'm also able to overlook some aspects of low-budgeting, few actors, less frills, few special effects, etc, and look at the heart of the film, and believe me, this movie does indeed have heart. I was not expecting tears to flow at the end, but down they came, and down they came again while watching the extras. One thing that has occurred in my life on a number of occasions when the curve balls come - is that when something unexpectedly comes to an end, or a transition comes, whether by choice or by force, what always seems to follow is a needed task, to further learn a lesson, to be there for someone else, or for some other unexpected blessing. This is what I saw in this movie. Had Bernsen's character not went home at that time, he'd not have been there to help his friend. No one else was there to go the distance, and that's the way it is many times in life. No unexpected transition in my life, or the closing of a door has ever gone un-blessed or un-reciprocated. Thank the good Lord for that! Awesome message and awesome delivery. For the heart of the movie I'm giving it a 10!

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