Rustlers' Rhapsody


Comedy / Western

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Andy Griffith as Sam Farragut
Marilu Henner as Carol
Sela Ward as Colonel's Daughter
Tom Berenger as Joe Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gjudd-1 8 / 10 / 10

Parody of the old Singing Cowboy Movie

Absolutely side splitting satirical look at the early singing cowboy western. Tom Berringer plays Rex O'Herlihan the singing cowboy who spoofs every western cliché in the book. Great comedy performances are made in this movie by Andy Griffith, Mary Lu Henner, Sela Ward and Fernado Rey plus a lot of great supporting actors. Also Patrick Wayne makes a guest appearance in the movie. If you are looking for a sophisticated film that the critics all love, this probably won't be it. But if you're regular folks that enjoy the old time western, you'll bust a gut laughing at this movie. Side note, the main musical theme is performed by Rex Allen Jr. as well as the love theme by Country Artist Garry Morris.

Reviewed by Flinx-2 6 / 10 / 10

Should get more play. Quite funny.

It's too bad more people haven't had the pleasure of watching this hilarious send-up of the Western genre. For those of you who thought that Blazing Saddles said everything there was to say on this subject, give Rustler's Rhapsody a whirl. I promise you, it'll be worth your time. 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10 / 10

A Funny Joke with Western Movies

"Rustlers' Rhapsody" is a homage to Western movies, a sort of Luke Lucky, actually a satire to the Western movies. This film shows all the clichés usually presented in this genre in a funny and laconic way. There are the characters of the bar tender, the corrupt sheriff, the drunkard, the prostitute in the saloon, the powerful farmer, the 'bad guys' and the 'good guy'. The acting and the direction are very reasonable and Hugh Wilson is the director of the hilarious "Police Academy". In the end this movie is a forgettable and funny entertainment indicated for fans of Western flicks. My vote is six. Title (Brazil): "Vaqueiro Cantador" ("Singer Cowboy")

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