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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelgarykelley1994 2 / 10 / 10

So Boring

It feels like, at times, these folks wanted to make a good, tense film. Some scenes work, in that respect. Most of the time, however, stupid decisions amongst the two leads are carried-through. Where these two main characters-a wife and husband-are well-written, as people, the rest of the movie has some of the most bizarrely dumb moments to it. One of the most unintended, hilarious lines in the film is the killer knocking on the door, asking in a Fire Marshall Bill voice, "Can I borrow some sugar?" The film feels like a total rip-off of the classic "The Strangers". That movie felt full, and well-rounded. This film has sharp edges that poke you. No one likes that. Movie was just plain dull. And dull can be worse than straight-up bad, sometimes.

Reviewed by enquries_2 / 10

Not much dialogue

Disappointed really. Very slow at the beginning. So much so - and indeed throughout the film - I don't think the screenwriter will be getting RSI or repetitive strain injury! There's not much dialogue, but just my opinion. For me, lack of dialogue doesn't add anything to the movie, just makes it not-noticeable. Sorry. A good one, for a background movie. R

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