Safe Harbor



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Charlie McDermott as David Porter
Nancy Travis as Lydia Rodman
Treat Williams as Sam Garrett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10 / 10

Safe Harbor- A People for All Seasons ****

Nancy Travis and Treat Williams portray a retiring couple ready to venture forth on the sea when a court person, Orson Bean, asks them to watch some troubled youth. You know that this will not become a temporary position. The film succeeds because of the restrained performances, especially by Treat Williams. Usually a hyperactive character in his roles, Williams beautifully tones down to play a man who had earlier trouble with the law and was therefore sympathetic to the needs of these boys. The film is great because it shows what the couple had to go through with an agent of the social service department. A bitter woman, who was once victimized by a charge that she watched over, her bitterness now is to try to take advantage of a system that could truly destroy the boys once and for all. Shunned by the community, the boys shall have to work hard to gain the respect. When they come to admit that they wished this couple had been their parents, who will definitely shed a tear. Strongly advise others to see this worthwhile effort.

Reviewed by dsgrundy 10 / 10 / 10

True to life story

HUH - I'm a little puzzled about the user review that ridiculed this movie as a typical run of the mill "feel good" Hallmark movie. This movie is a real to life story about a charity called "Safe Harbor Boy's Home" in Jacksonville Florida. According to them this movie is extremely accurate with the exception of a large wave depicted for effect in one scene. Over 800 troubled youth have passed through their doors since their inception. They are the only parents many of these boys have ever had and many of these boys still call and send them cards for special days. I had looked this information up when the movie first aired, because this charity is in Jacksonville,FL and I live in St Augustine just to the south. If you want to watch something that is real, that tugs on your heart strings give this movie a watch.

Reviewed by carol-36189 10 / 10 / 10

I always enjoy a true story with good actors

Worth watching. We all are dealt a hand in life that may have never been what we planned but often brings us much more than we could have ever planned. Kudos to this couple and their caring hearts. To the negative reviewer....why watch Hallmark if you don't like the movies?

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