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Penélope Cruz as Raimunda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vip_ebriega 6 / 10 / 10

Silly adventure movie fun... with a heart

My Take: James Bond meets Indiana Jones with silly yet exciting action, crackling wit. Although it was credited as a "Dirk Pitt Adventure", SAHARA seems more in kin with James Bond and Indiana Jones than Clive Cussler. I haven't read any of Clive Cussler's books, but I'm absolutely certain that this would be Cussler's visualization. It is, indeed, a B-level adventure film, complete with heroes in top gear (complete with winning grin, no less), the sexy heroine, the sidekick, and the bad guys who want to rule the world (or simply get whatever it is they want). Not to mention the series of stunt play and gunfights done the old-fashioned way. This is the look (and feel) of an action picture they no longer make, which provides most of its appeal. I enjoyed SAHARA on the level many think it doesn't work, and that's being a traditional old-fashioned brainless adventure. It's not great at the field, but at least it has its heart on it. Its tag line states "Adventure has a new name", it's without question or doubt that Dirk Pitt, Cussler's brainchild hero played here by Matthew McConaughey, will be a new James Bond or Indiana Jones. The charisma given to him is good but obvious. He's calm over tension, and never loses his cool even at extreme measures. The other supporting characters have nothing in them, their there, but practically, their hardly anybody but characters in a movie. If characters in adventure movies could be quite as interesting as those featured in the INDIANA JONES series, couldn't we deserve to get the same on other entries in the genre, including knock-offs. Still, what you've come to expect from SAHARA are here anyway. The implausible plot involves the quest for a lost Ironclad in the middle of the Sahara desert (!) by the dashing Dirk Pitt (McConaughey), his sidekick Al (Steve Zahn) and a daring Dr. Eva Rojas (Penelope Cruz), who trek through the blazing desert landscape with camels, vans, boats, you name it. Along the way, they are trailed by the bad guys and get into situations that could only mean more action movie fun. What's in store? Helicopter chases (my favorite!), gunfights, boat chases and even a train chase with camels (who even knew that you can still come up with a fun action movie sequence with camels!). If you don't think this stuff is any fun, you may wanna have to check with your doctor in case your sugar's a little low. Is SAHARA any great? No it isn't. But did I get exactly what I wanted from it? It surely does. Even if this genre, which includes films like NATIONAL TREASURE, will never live up to its superior INDIANA JONES ancestors, they will still nonetheless offer the action and adventure it promises. And in that level, SAHARA delivers. Rating: *** out of 5.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 9 / 10 / 10

Splendid adventure film with mesmerizing desert landscapes

The film starts in the Richmond battle (1865) where a war ship is disappeared and is gone during modern time in that an archaeologists(Matthew McConaughey,Steve Zhan and William H.Macy) are looking for treasures on Africa. A physician (Penelope Cruz ) is investigating about an illness which is killing thousands people . Then they 'll take on ominous villains,evil Arabs,corrupt governments and many dangers until discover the enigmas. The motion picture blends adventures, unstopped action,humor,a love story,tongue in cheek,tense and is enough amusing. From the beginning to end the adventures,action-packed and the fast movement is continuous, for that the film is pretty bemusing and isn't boring in spite of the longtime, as the run is two hours and some. The starring couple(Matthew MacConaughey and Steve Zahn) make a type of ¨buddy movie¨ both are top notch and very sympathetic.Penelope Cruz is attractive and enjoyable, this is her best film. The support cast is of first range (William H.Macy,Lambert Wilson,Delroy Lindo) and are excellent. Cinematography and musical score(Clint Mansell) is magnificent and riveting. Production design (Allan Cameron) is spellbound and the Sahara outdoors are spectaculars. The final confrontation between the starring and the enemies is breathtaking and impressive. It's a run and mill action film where the comedy and the giggles united to the action make the story very agreeable and stimulating. The picture well directed by Brick Eisner obtained a lot of success and achieved important box office, it was number one in United States and Europe. It's a real blockbuster. The yarn will appeal to emotion and adventure enthusiasts . Rating: Above average. Well worth seeing.

Reviewed by axelstewart 9 / 10 / 10

Honestly fantastic

I came away from this movie having enjoyed every minute of it, and it saddens me to see that other people who watched it didn't get the same experience out of it. To that point, I'll address a lot of the complaints I'm seeing. I didn't expect it to be a work of art, and it wasn't a work of art. It was funny, quick-witted, and well-paced, with an interesting plot that got only somewhat predictable right at the end. The characters interacted realistically - not establishing great trust or romantic interest instantly, but instead bouncing off of each-other and coming back together organically. I don't understand any of the complaints about the acting. I didn't feel that any of the characters were wooden or overdramatic at all. None of them blew me away, but there wasn't any juncture at which they seemed not to be reacting to a situation properly, and I thought that the leads were all charismatic. The suspension of disbelief necessary for this movie is something that any moviegoer should be capable of for the sake of their own enjoyment of life's fleeting pleasures. The plot was not at all difficult to follow. There are only a few twists, and they are well-explained. The film only resorts to characters explaining things when it is much more efficient than showing through fully visual storytelling. I get that the representation of the African people in the movie was not entirely flattering, and for that, my estimation of the film is subdued somewhat. It's arguable that this is just the stupid henchman trope or heroic immunity, but I think it's a bit worse than that. Still, I would hesitate to call this racist or exploitative - just slightly thoughtless. I appreciated that all three of the main party were useful characters. The sidekick was not only competent and cool-headed, but also capable of solving problems creatively. Eva was legitimately not a helpless damsel - they didn't just give her one or two moments of usefulness, they allowed her to be a functional human being without the assistance of her male counterparts. The situations in which she failed were ones where she realistically should, and she was uncommonly brave and determined in the face of danger. I did not read the book, nor likely will I, but I loved the movie. It was far better than I expected, and I seldom enjoy a movie this much. If you didn't like it, that's okay, but relax a bit before you watch your next movie because you deserve to enjoy something this good.

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