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Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 4 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "Saint Bernard"

Saint Bernard" is a highly stylized stitching of nightmares and dreamscapes meant to express the main character's dire circumstance. The idea of Bernard's dream devoured by unseen force from within is brilliant. Unfortunately the film never develops a cohesive, recognizable story to hold on to while we journey down this disturbing rabbit hole with Bernard. I love experimental theatre and surreal art, however in this instance the art steps on and over the opportunity for any story telling. It all fits better with some avant garde rock video. Now it is very clear that the real intent of "Saint Bernard" is simply to display the very talented, brilliant ability of Gabe Bartalos. His work is among the best the FX industry has to offer, and despite the fact that this movie is devoid of story and character connectivity, it shows off some killer concepts and prosthetic skills. Not to mention awesome creature design. All done with practical effects. Still a film this long and with such a poignant subject- mental illness, really needed more than great FX.

Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 3 / 10 / 10


I've been a movie fan for some time. It began when I was a child and continued forward from there. I was such a fan at one time I wanted to get in the business. I minored in motion pictures (Ball State didn't offer it as a major). During my time in classes I had the opportunity to see a vast number of films. Remember this is before the days of the VCR when everyone suddenly had easy access. I remember one instructor I had who insisted on presenting to us the most unusual and pointless films possible. He'd taught at Ann Arbor before coming here. More often than not the films were shorts and he even went so far as to tell us that a person could make a living off of government grants that would give you the money to make films like this. These films weren't entertaining, they were "art". I began to learn something about many (not all) "art" films. They were made by people who were arrogant, full of themselves and who basically slapped together anything they could think of and then calling it "art". And critics were eager to please this crowd. I don't think they actually liked what they were seeing so much as not wanting to be seen as not being part of the "in" crowd, not admitting that it made no sense and was nothing more than trash. They continue to do that to this day, even more so in a highly politicized film industry determined to enlighten rather than entertain come Oscar time. Why go through all of this background? Well you have to know where I'm coming from before I say something about the movie SAINT BERNARD. Let me start by saying that no, this is not a sequel to CUJO. I was not a fan of CUJO but I can honestly say it was leaps and bounds better than this movie. If there is a plot in this film I couldn't tell you what it is. During the extras I hard director Gabe Bartalos discuss the narrative of the film but even after hearing this I couldn't find one. Let me see what I can come up with between what I viewed and what I've read. The film revolves around the central character of Bernard (Jason Dugre), an apparent conductor in white tails complete with baton. IMDB give the description "A classical musical conductor unravels into the abyss of insanity." Watching the film I couldn't tell for sure if he was an actual conductor or not, if it was all in his head or reality. There didn't seem to be any delineation between what was real and what was perhaps a dream state or perhaps an insanity of the mind. It was all one big ride through the mindscape of the central character. Were the other characters real of just imaginings? No way of knowing. The title might be referring to the main character named Bernard or it might be referring to the severed head with attached spinal column of an actual saint bernard that he comes across and then takes with him throughout the film. Other characters are the strangest that have appeared on film since perhaps a Terry Gilliam flick or even a David Lynch film. Those two names come to mind often while watching this movie. It's as if Bartalos loved their movies and emulated them here without bothering to attach a plot to the things he liked. Known mainly for his work in special effects makeup Bartalos offers plenty in that area in this film. The severed dog's head, a woman whose legs are run over by a truck, strange looking creatures and people and more match the items he's made in the past for films like BASKETCASE 3, MUNCHIE, BRAIN DEAD and DARKMAN. I have no doubt that this film was an attempt for him to put together a movie that would help his career by allowing producers to see what he was capable of. The problem is before someone turns over millions to you to make a movie you have to make something that will generate enough of a return for them to be willing to trust you with it. This movie is not that. Suffice to say that there will be some who will love this movie and sing its praises. They will be the same ones who watch ERASERHEAD monthly and who condemn the world of Marvel hero films and mainstream slashers. For those people enjoy this film in the best way possible since that's what Severin is now offering. Transferred from the original negative making it the cleanest print you will find with just a few extras on hand makes this the best offering of the film you can find. If it sounds like your kind of film by all means give it a shot. If curious you've been warned. If not your thing move on.

Reviewed by boydwalters 3 / 10 / 10

Some of it looks good but its a complete shambles

Stills from this could make it look like a great film ... But most of it doesn't look that interesting ... And the plot line is non existant ... Its just too random for its own good ... It gets points for design in some parts ... The writing and direction are a complete mess ( unless the director just wasn't good enough to make what was on the page ... Just give it a miss as you could spend your time doing most things more enjoyably and rewardingly ... Admire some of the good stills if they pop up on some site ... Just realise the film offers nothing you would expect from them

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