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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mcnally 9 / 10 / 10

Desperation is painful to watch...

From the Maysles Brothers (Gimme Shelter, Monterey Pop, When We Were Kings) comes this unsettling portrait of door-to-door salesmen. In this case, the film is especially interesting since they're selling Bibles to Catholic families. All the sales tricks are there, with a special dose of guilt. Most interesting is the portrayal of Paul, one of the older salesmen, who is realizing he may have "lost it." His desperation is painful to watch. (9/ 10)

Reviewed by johnmbale 10 / 10 / 10

Moving Tribute to Door to Door Salesmen from the Past

This interesting documentary is like a time capsule. Bringing to life the late 1960's, in a sometimes unsettling manner. It tells the story of a group of door to door Irish/American salesmen, selling Bibles in Boston and Florida. It is fascinating to watch the actual sales pitch, the manners and way we were at that time. (Smoking was certainly the order of the day) The growing desperation of one of the older salesmen as his sales figures slump, is quite as moving as in the play "Death of a Salesman". Anyone who has ever been involved is selling direct to the public should make this compulsive viewing. The documentary technique is also exceptional. There is not a word of commentary, introduction, or the usual "talking head" interviews that slow so many of todays TV documentaries. The characters themselves, and clever editing clearly tell the story and create the a raw drama. Camera work is remarkable for the time too, the subjects never seem to be aware of the filming process, unlike much Reality TV. This is a true American Tragedy, reflecting the loneliness of old time salesmen, and indeed that of many people with whom they deal. It is a credit to the Maysles.

Reviewed by Judge8080 10 / 10 / 10


Salesman(1969) Quite possibly the best documentary ever made. The Maysles' Brothers( Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens) mesmerizing story follows four bible salesmen pounding the turf selling over priced bibles to poor catholics and the tactics that they use to pull off these sales.One salesman in particular, Paul "the Badger' Brennan is the central character of the documentary and it is heart wrenching to watch his decline from a once successful salesman to an also-ran whose heart and soul just aren't into it anymore. One unforgettable scene has another salesman humiliating Brennan in front of a customer. This documentary is a real slice of Americana and a film worth watching time and time again.

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