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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicolasmaczk 4 / 10 / 10

It's kind of watchable

I really enjoyed the visuals, the creative team did a great job overall even though sometimes it all feels very empty, probably due to a low budget. I liked the song at the end that was previewed once in the middle of the movie, the rest of the orchestration felt very generic, absent and forgettable. The story in itself was generic but had potential, I mean, it was done a 1000 times before, and it worked a 1000 times before, but the writing team did a less than mediocre job to make it interesting. There is no contrast between characters, characters are not evolving or learning anything really, there's no real challenge, maybe only the dictator is the closest you'll get to something relatable (that's sad). I laughed once, which is a shame for a kid's movie, so no, it's not a "fun" movie. It would be about time that french people (I'm assuming it's french by the names in the credits) stop thinking that "since it's for kids" we just can do anything and it'll work. It might have been true 30 years ago when people didn't know better, but come on, it's 2020...

Reviewed by ben-82146 / 10

Positive Movie with Cuteness

Great for younger kids in the 3-10yo age bracket. Nothing scary and full of cute, likeable characters and there's plenty of good humour. Art direction is great with some really good visuals.

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