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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by james-mac 3 / 10 / 10

You've Seen This Before

This is another of umpteen hand-held cam films that follow the formula of a bunch of young people encountering malevolent supernatural forces that they initially are sceptical of. The movie then follows the pattern of: "What was that?", "Did you hear that?", "Quit fooling around Joe/Jane!" until the crisis point arrives in which everyone is saying "Oh my God!!!" Chaos then ensues as the POV hand- held goes ballistic until the inevitable jump to black. The End. You have seen this before. However if you enjoy this genre this is a competent film, but it offers nothing unexpected. Which is unfortunate because what hakes this kind of film work is the apprehension of not knowing what is going to happen. I suppose so many of these films are made because they are cheap to produce and they are very likely to make a return on investment with even a modest audience. I have certainly enjoyed some of this genre which was spawned by The Blair Witch Project, but this is nothing ground-breaking. Let's say this film is like a cheese sandwich; it's always great if that is what you are in the mood for because you know exactly what you are getting.

Reviewed by InDyingArms 7 / 10 / 10

A decent little found footage, paranormal movie..

You know, after seeing this movie I'm shocked. I'm always introduced to crappy, CGI infested paranormal / haunting themed films, movie theaters, and DVD, and it really gets annoying. . But "Sanatorium" truly breaks the ice this time, delivering a pleasing surprise. First off, the story of this film. O-kay, they cliché it up with the same technique of paranormal movies. A group of friends who hunt ghosts meet they're next stop, or in this case. They're final destination. It's the same story that's been seen various of times, sure, but the thing different about this film is how they execute it. For a movie that hosts an ongoing cliché; making it different, it's quite hard, but under various circumstances, this film slips through, and stands out unique. Which is something that's solid, and entertaining to see. Next, the elements of this film, something to really talk about. This movie here is classic, using practical effects when it comes to the kills, scares, and ghosts. This film uses the old paranormal technique of which the ghosts / entities are invisible, forces of which we, the audience can't see, something of which many paranormal films no longer use, instead of crap CGI, or horrible makeup design. The particle designs, and kills are great in this movie too, displaying some nice, believable gore, blood, etc, featuring, once again I say, something that many other paranormal films seem to be absent of. It's much appreciated, and adds tremendously to the boosting fact that this film is different, and classic. Finally, the acting, camera work, setting, etc. The setting of the film was a sanatorium. ( NEVER SAW THAT COMING! ) and it was unsettling, featuring your classic elements to an abandoned setting, including peeling paint, dust, cobwebs, creepy wheelchairs, doors and such, all that good stuff we audience look for! Now for the characters, in my opinion at least, they were fine. In this case, they weren't your annoying clichéd characters, they were actually smart, and quick thinking to where they knew something was wrong, instead of "OH! LET'S GO TOWARD THE NOISE" That kind of annoying character cliché. They had meaning, instead of constant decision that mean nothing, only annoying us audience, instead, the characters are meaningful, and we actually care when it comes to character life threatening situations. Finally the camera work. For one, this is a found footage film, but surprisingly, this film had low amount of shakiness so to speak. Or in this case, a character holding the camera, looking as if they're swinging it everywhere but the main focus. Instead, the film is nice to the audience, keeping it as steady as possible, switching from roof top cameras, to the characters. Overall solidly stable, and not disorienting.. In conclusion. This movie is a decent, solid film that holds common paranormal / ghost movie clichés, topping them with classic ghost standards ( So to speak ) steady found footage techniques, and particle effects, and gore. This film won't disappoint, though it may not be the strongest Afterdark releasing, it's defiantly a smart one, displaying a well paced film that doesn't disappoint, and doesn't waste time. I'd recommend this to ghost / paranormal fans!

Reviewed by chrismackey1972 7 / 10 / 10

Found-footage storyline that was executed very well

I had no interest in seeing this movie. I actually skipped watching it for about 3 days, until I finally decided I was bored and I had nothing to lose by investing about 90 mins. I'm happy to say my time was not wasted. Anytime I hear a movie is based in a sanatorium - and quite a few horror movies have been - the end result has not been pleasing to me. This movie, however, did a great job with the story. The acting was very good, though I have to admit Mark was really getting on my nerves for about the first 30 minutes. Most of the movie, like other found footage films, is shot with camcorders. Usually, I find that to be an annoying, out of date, and rather obvious sign that the movie is low budget. Some are lower budget than others. I don't know what they spent on this movie, but the special effects were fun and not overdone. As I said, the acting was good. The storyline, while not original, was executed nicely. I don't have anything to complain about with this film. Easily, it's a movie I'll watch again at some point. The end scene was gross, but necessary to keep in step with the story. I gave this a 7-star rating because of all the above. I recommend this to anyone who likes found-footage horror films that are done very well.

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