Santa's Slay


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Douglas Smith as Nicolas Yuleson
Emilie de Ravin as Mary 'Mac' Mackenzie
Fran Drescher as Virginia Mason
James Caan as Darren Mason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by friendful 7 / 10 / 10

Hilarious B-movie

A movie never meant to be taken seriously, but oh so enjoyable if you've a mind to. I mean, come on, GOLDBERG is SANTA!!! I f you're looking for a friendly, family-oriented Christmas movie, do NOT watch this. A carnage filled Christmas delight, though mostly oriented towards the "guy" movie type. Goldberg has some great one liners and I have to say that I look forward to seeing him in other films because of this one. An actor or a film that doesn't take itself too seriously is what we need more of these days. People take themselves too seriously. And apparently this is too short to post. Death. Mayhem. Santa. Satan's offspring.

Reviewed by itrumbley 6 / 10 / 10

The type of " 80's Horror" movie I've grown to miss

A VERY cheesy movie with a lame plot to be fair. But it is as much Comedy as Horror. The comedy is in the comical and inventive ways people are mashed about and the barely contained groans you let out each time a new "plot" twist is revealed. I recommend this movie for either Halloween or Christmas parties, with a few friends, a few drinks and maybe a card or board game. Very enjoyable and something you don't see a lot of anymore. It contains a lot of B actors getting mashed (the opening scene.. spoiler: has Fran Drescher and Jimmy Fallon getting brutally murdered in a scene that makes my inner soul smile), The stereotypical lecherous preacher is played well by Dave Thomas (Grace Under fire, Rat Race, etc) and Goldberg as the Anti-Christ Viking Hellgod spouting Christmas carols makes me laugh. The scene explaining his origins was also hilarious and was brilliantly done in the wooden stop motion style of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

Reviewed by I_am_legend_maker_still 6 / 10 / 10

Entertaining, if disjointed.

It must be hard being a popular wrestler. People pay money to see you, to cheer for you, to buy your merchandise, and generally to make you feel like more then the average man. It makes you think that if they were willing to do all that, they'd be willing to follow you if you attempt other projects as well. And they do. But mainly to make fun of it. Then again, it seems like wrestlers are united in their substandard film choices. Hulk Hogan's, whose wrestling stardom was heavily influenced by his guest appearance in Rocky III, movie career reads like a "What Not To Do When Picking A Script". Steve Austin, Triple H, and Adam Copeland (Edge) won't exactly be remembered for their marks in Hollywood either (Only the future will tell if The Rock breaks the mold or follows in their footsteps). And then along comes a film like this, starring former WCW dynamo Bill Goldberg. Surprisingly, it's not all bad. True, one shouldn't go into the film expecting a fully sensible plot, or a masterwork of acting, or extremely convincing special effects (look out for the prone motionless 'hell-deer!'). However, the film does contain a few likable characters, some decent puns in the Christmas vein (along with some excruciating ones), and half the time, Goldberg actually manages to make the concept of Santa really being an evil entity comes off as credible. And of course, any film that presents the credit sequence as a naughty and nice list can't be all bad. In the end, it's not Santa With Muscles. And that's really saying something.

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