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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vivekea 9 / 10 / 10

What daredevil stunts

You ought to watch the movie for the last 15 mins of stunts akshay carries out by himself. Doing all those stunts himself. Its a typical bollywood movie and truly a watchable one, esp now. Reminiscing of how the 90s had been. I have the stars spiked up just for Akshay kumarz extremely dangerous stunts.

Reviewed by superindrajit 8 / 10 / 10

The Best Akshay Sunil Action Film

Akshay and Sunil Movies are always really good. The only disappointing one was Hum Hain Bemisal with a bad and confusing plot. Coming to Sapoot(good son), this movie is really well made with loads of action, and comedy. Akshay Kumar as the lover boy does good but him turning into a law keeper is annoying, he overacts in his cop scenes. Sunil as the law breaker and revenger for the death of their father Kader Khan does better and acts really well. The heroines do really good, Karishma overacts but Sonali does really well. The comedy of Kader Khan can be found funny and his acting is really great. Mukesh Rishi is a great villain, very convincing and angry looking. Prem Chopra annoys, bad acting. Overall, the movie is really well made and acting is good, music is really great. This movie was a smash hit, and hopefully Akshay and Sunil have an action movie in 2012 because all of Akki's movies are flopping because of his stupid loud comedy and only Thank You didn't flop. Overall: 9/10

Reviewed by bhupindersingh4 8 / 10 / 10

Hindi version of Godfather

Sapoot is an Indian version of The Godfather with lots of action and little drama and romance Kader Khan as godfather Prem Chopra as his opposition Sunil Shetty as Khan's right hand man Mukesh Rishi as Chopra's right hand man Great movie. It was an above average at the box office due to having tough competition from Blockbuster Raja Hindustani starring Aamir Khan and Karishma Kapoor and Super Hit Ghatak starring Sunny Deol and Mamta Kulkarni which opened in its second week at the box office Sapoot - 1st Nov 96 Raja Hindustani - 6 Nov 96 Ghatak - 7 Nov 96 All three movies came out during Diwali If the latter two came after another week then Sapoot would at least have became a hit and most possibly a super hit Sapoot had very good songs which were a hit The movie I feel personally belonged to Sunil Shetty who done an amazing job. Sunil also does a convincing role of attempting to hold on to his father's legacy of a godfather. Akshay Kumar was good and Mukesh Rishi as a villain was convincing. In the movie, Chopra's son, Manek (Jeetu Verma) done a good job who had very good dialogues. Kader Khan was also good because as well as being a hardcore criminal he was a very loving father who does not refuse who his kids wish to marry (does'nt care about their life partners' social status or family background

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