Sausage Party


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy

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Kristen Wiig as Suzie
Paul Rudd as Self
Salma Hayek as Camilla
Seth Rogen as Herschel Greenbaum / Ben Greenbaum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SlyGuy21 2 / 10 / 10

Vulgarity isn't comedy

So this is the animated movie that came out of nowhere and got a bunch of people of talking all because of it's trailer. Let me tell you right now, the red-band trailer for this movie is funnier than the movie itself. And the whole reason the trailer made me laugh was because at first it looks like a regular animated movie, then the swearing and sex jokes happen. Speaking of which, this movie is nothing but swearing and sex jokes, oh and stereotypes. Because writing personalities for animated characters is so difficult, almost every character is just a walking stereotype. The bagel's Jewish, the lavash is Muslim, the sauerkraut is a Nazi, are you laughing yet?!? That is the extent of this movies "humor", it is literally just that. So if you think swearing and sex jokes is the pinnacle of comedy, then this'll be the funniest movie you've ever seen. However, if you're above the age of 14, then this movie will just exist, exist and not be funny in the slightest. This movie only made me chuckle twice, I laughed more during "The Theory of Everything", and I'm pretty sure that movie wasn't a freakin' comedy!!! This is without a doubt the worst animated movie I've seen, and it's a shame that actors like Edward Norton had to be in it. I can't wait for the eventual sequel where all the food comes to the real world and interacts with their voice actors, won't that be hilarious?! Does anybody else think that the makers of this movie paid off top critics to give this positive reviews? Because I honestly can't understand why anyone who's old enough to see an R-rated movie would find this funny at all.

Reviewed by thaileenaw 1 / 10 / 10

I hate myself for thinking this would be good

Before I start this review I'm telling you that I generally love Seth Rogan's sense of humour and all of the actors that were voicing the characters I love as well, but this movie made me cringe. The entire plot of the movie sounded great and watching the trailers definitely caught everyone's attention, and it's not that often that an adult animation comes out and gets that much hype. It had a really good unique idea. The voice acting and animations were done really well. That's about where the positivity ends. The first time I tried to watch it with my boyfriend, and we shut it off after the "rape scene" with the douche and the juice box about 15 minutes or so into the movie. I mean, I can get how it can kind of be comical because I mean, it's a douche and a juice box, but just the fact that they were trying to compare it to rape was a bit screwed up and made me uncomfortable. The second time I tried to watch it was with one of my friends who swore it was hilarious and we just had to watch it so I was forced to watch it and finish it. The entire time she was laughing at every stupid and lazy attempt they made at humour and I was sitting there straight-faced wishing it was over. I have a pretty good sense of humour but the constant sexual jokes in this movie weren't even clever at all and they were pretty pathetic.. the kind of twelve year old boys make when they try to make everything sound sexual. I was happy when I thought movie had finally come to an end when suddenly all the food randomly started having this massive orgy which was another 5 minutes of pointless ridiculousness. Honestly, this had a good idea but just turned out to be complete trash, and not the funny kind. It was just pathetic and sad that people wasted so much time and money to create it. If you have this certain sense of humour that finds absolutely everything funny, you'd probably laugh a few times. If you're like me where it takes more than some weak sexual innuendos and over-the-top deaths to make you laugh then please do yourself a favour and skip this one. Everyone I know that has seen this (except that one friend) hated it.

Reviewed by gracerenaed 1 / 10 / 10

My brain. It bleeds.

Have you ever seen a movie so terrible you create an IMDb account *just* so you can warn the rest of the human race? How, god. HOWWWWWWWWW does this movie have even one good review. Sausage Party is that scrawny, rape-stach'ed white dude who struts into the bar with an exaggerated swag, dirty wife-beater, backwards snapback and sunglasses on who takes the mortified look on your face and repulsed "no" as invitation to continue grandiose-performing, flexing his lack of muscles in your face, and repeating the F-word ceaselessly (ground me now, mom!! lulz!!). Eminem did it once, so... When you signal to the bartender and try to escape, he follows you around... For an hour and a half. And just when you finally sigh in relief that your friends have come to save you, he hops directly in front of you and pulls down his pants. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate some good crude humor. Family Guy. American Dad. Archer. All fabulous examples of dangerously crass, raunchy humor being pulled off remarkably brilliantly. But the word "humor" is more than a stretch here. (Wait, the douche is a douche? Is that what you said? No no, could you blatantly tell me that the douche is a douche? Because I didn't get that the douche is a douche.) Every racist stereotype under the sun is personified and paraded around as characters to make up for personalities that don't exist. The dialogue is flat and nauseatingly postured. The plot is predictable within the first five minutes and reeks of nuance-less anti-religious propaganda. There is an actual, entirely unnecessary rape scene. (Is rape funny to confederate-flag-sporting, sister-banging twats? Must have missed some memo.) I only made it up until the scene where a few of the characters come to a dirty Mexican bar (because, get it? Mexicans are dirty drunks??), but apparently the film continues its downward spiral right up to the point where they actually have an orgy. Take that, God. I genuinely cannot imagine this movie being funny to anyone with an IQ over 20. Maybe to bro-tastic idiots with seven rape allegations and a hate-crime assault charge who only get by cause daddy runs a big corporation and knows how to throw a tantrum. Please don't watch this bulls**t.

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