Save Yourselves!


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joseph-brak 8 / 10 / 10

Quaint sci-fi comedy

Save Yourselves is a quaint little sci-fi comedy that follows a young couple as they fumble their way through a rather unique alien invasion, while providing some entertaining social commentary on the smartphone generation. The two main characters are quite endearing in their often pathetic attempts to survive, but you find yourself rooting for them all the same. We have seen this beginning-of-the-end of-the-world type situation before, but the low-key treatment that it receives in this film and the small and personal scale it takes place on, makes it a refreshing and relatable experience.

Reviewed by Xstal 6 / 10 / 10

'We don't have any skills'...

... says Su prophetically to Jack, more likely referring to the cast, writers and directors than to their own characters, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, and their inability to navigate the world around them without a touchscreen or voice activation. More aptly titled 'Invasion of the Alcoholic Glue Sniffers', you may become one too after letting this pierce your inner pouffe.

Reviewed by paul-allaer 6 / 10 / 10

When the world goes poof!

"Save Yourselves!" (2020 release; 93 min.) brings the story of John and Sue, a couple in Brooklyn. As the movie opens, they are bickering about computer and smart phone time. After attending a party where a friend offers his renovated updated cabin for free for a week, John and Sue eagerly take up the offer, and furthermore, they decide to disconnect from their phones and computers... At this point we are 10 min. into the film but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out. Couple of comments: this small-budget indie movie was written and directed by Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, this being their feature length debut. The story is the umpteenth reimagination of what "the end of the world" might look like, but they bring it with an original twist that I will not give away. Watch the film and the title of my review will make all the sense in the world. Sunita Mani (as Sue) and John Reynolds (as Jack), best known for their respective TV work, are enjoyable in the lead roles. They are in just about every frame of the film, and for long stretches it's just them. This film is billed as a scifi comedy, and I suppose it is. But I must be honest: rarely laughed (and certainly not out loud). The film lacks gravitas to be taken seriously, but it also lacks truly funny moments to work as a comedy. Instead what we get is an off-center indie film that is more quirky than anything else. "Save Yourselves!" opened this weekend at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati, of course fully adhering to all COVID-19 social distancing and other protocols. Not that it matter much, as the Friday early evening screening where I saw this at was attended poorly: exactly 3 people (including myself) in the theater's largest room. I honestly don't know how this and other theaters can keep operating like this on a profitable basis. Meanwhile, if you have any interest in an atypical "end of the world" scifi comedy, I'd readily suggest you check this out , be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.

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