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Reviewed by novoselac 7 / 10 / 10

The Tragic Loss

Saved by Grace is a movie that takes people into the life of a man named Rick who is in a rather dark place after the death of his wife. During this time when Rick is about to do something he will surely regret a woman named Grace comes into the picture. There are many good things to be said about this movie like the fact that it gets a lot of points for originality. Most of the mainstream movies that people see these days are practically copies of ideas that have been used and recycled over and over again. The portion of the movie where the song called There You Are, is played serves as a type of theme song in this film. I may not be a musician but this song is probably on the list of the top ten I have ever heard. Johnny Remo certainly sets the bar for other filmmakers as Saved by Grace is one of those rare films that has a faith aspect and is also entertaining in the drama sense. This film is also great for families to watch because it would make them appreciate what they have, or it would help them relate if they lost someone in their life. With the natural talent that Catalina Rodriguez and Joey Lawrence have for acting they will be able to book many more fantastic films. This movie wouldn't be what it is without it's brilliant cast, and it's finest director Johnny Remo.

Reviewed by littlespacefish 8 / 10 / 10

Rescued by a Woman

Saved by Grace is a movie marked by brilliance. The plot takes us on the journey of a retired police officer who lost all hope for a happy life. Throughout the first scenes of the movie he is seen considering the possibility of ending his life altogether. In the last minute an unknown woman shows up giving him a reason to live again. One of the most interesting characters of the entire film were the homeless. He is played by the actor Muse Watson, and despite the fact that he isn't given a specific name he is still a powerful presence in the movie. He gives Rick a valuable message to a man struggling with faith after the loss of his wife. This homeless man is old, unkempt, and unshaved and yet through Muse Watson's skilled acting he is turned into a character whose simple appearance speaks volumes. The better of the two actresses in this movie is Catalina Rodriguez because she is always focused, in character, and arguably the most complicated character of all. She acts out the part of the character named Grace, and while she appears to be happy-go-lucky and perfectly fine on the outside it turns out that she has tragedy in her past. This movie is so uplifting because it gives people hope no matter how tough life can be.

Reviewed by demigodx 8 / 10 / 10

Life's Emotional Twist

Movies like Saved by Grace have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment value and relevance to recent times. The life of an officer or any member of the military for that matter can be incredibly tough and dangerous. This movie reflects the imperfect period in which we live. Unlike most mainstream drama films that portray Christians Rick, who was played by Joey Lawrence is a character in the film that a lot of people can relate to in the modern world. Rick has problems with every aspect of his life, and believes that there is no purpose for him. Lawrence's performance as Rick was astonishing because he was able to channel that negative energy that Rick was feeling inside after experiencing the loss of his spouse, and the relationship with his son Luke collapsing. The only downside would be the fact that there are no loud explosions, surround sound, or even stunts. This kind of technology is rarely if ever used in drama films especially ones like this movie. Even though there are occasional problems the movie successfully provides us with an emotional roller-coaster ride using the brief action sequences between Rick and a drug dealer in his flashbacks.

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