Saving Winston

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dekkerofarrell 5 / 10 / 10

Wonderful Story, Lacked good writing and execution.

This movie was okay, It had a wonderful story about a teen with a second chance. This movie lacked the cinematography and directing to get the point of the story across. All the camera angles are just to capture the action and that only. There are also some lines in the film that could have been cut. Wonderful story, bad execution. That's why I give it an even five. :) Pros: Great Story about redemption Okay acting from female protagonist Cons: Cinematography is terrible (I mean horrible) Music Un-Original, Typical Christen movie story line. But, Still Worth Watching. With all this said I understand that It is a low budget movie. Everything I am saying is not personal to the people that worked hard on the film.

Reviewed by threenf 1 / 10 / 10

I Loved This Film

I thought this film was great. I'm sad to see the other review was so negative, but if they want a better film then they should make one themselves, which I'm certain they can not do. I thought the story line moved along just fine and I love the piano music throughout the movie. I can also relate since I was a troubled teen myself, one who struggled to find himself. The movie really isn't that bad. Not everyone will like the same things - that's OK. It's called contrast. If there was no contrast in this world we would all be blind. Sure, these aren't high ranking actors and actresses, but they certainly did a great job I think. It's worth watching. If you have a digital subscription NetFlix, you can watch film there. Take a chance - you might just like it :)

Reviewed by ms-brightidea 1 / 10 / 10

The Most Uninspired Thing I've Ever Watched

My grandmother and I grabbed this out of the $5 box at the store for a quick watch, and I really regret even spending that on it. There's no direction to the film. It rambles with pointless slow moving scenes, and interactions between characters are anti-climatic and uninspired, in part because the characters have no depth or believably, but also because the camera angles are set randomly without any regard to the goal of the scene. I suppose you can't expect much from a low budget Christian film, but it could have been done better than that. This film shouldn't have even been made honestly. It unfortunately reinforces the reputation of the Christian film genre for being cheap and not believable. If you can't do something well, you ought not do it at all.

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