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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stan_gee 1 / 10 / 10

Scarecrow's Revenge would better if titled Scarecrow POOPS!

First off I gave it 1-Star, come IMDb start putting minus stars on these things. I read in one review where it was watch for 10 mins, REALLY DUDE! Ten while minutes to know this is bad, Let me tell you what I found bad about Scarecrow's Revenge ... EVERY DAMN THING! The actors must have worn the casting couch out to get money to make this garbage. What's with film makers who keep using the old tired events in movies, like a person is being chased by a killer, a creature, bad guys, they run 20 feet and fall down and look behind them as if waiting on their close up, and trotting through a scene is not running. Gawd if you fall while being chase, your dumb ass need to be killed. Or in most movies someone suffers with Asthma, Gawd when will it ever stop, this is just a couple of rants about movies and the lame morons and nimrod in Hollywood who keep rehashing old tired scenes in movies. As for this one ... IT'S BAD FROM START TO FINISH! They couldn't even figure out how to hang a Scarecrow from a cross post in a cornfield. He or it was standing on the ground with his arm(s) draped over the post. Just sad. Come on IMDb, adjust your ratings to include negative ratings, One Star isn't low enough for this turkey, and I apologize to all the turkeys, I may has insulted by the comparison.

Reviewed by enquries_2 3 / 10 / 10

could only take 10 minutes then used Skip 3mins constantly on remote until end

Could only do 10 minutes, sorry. Couple of pointers. 1. Daughter at the beginning of movie, sounds as though she is straight out of Cambridge or Oxford - rather than a farmers daughter. 2. The extent of the 10 mins I saw, where ZERO Percent of effects. 3. Can't express qualified review as could only take 10mins. Sorry? How does itn distribution make money? Sorry again. R

Reviewed by C_Jags 3 / 10 / 10

Scarecrow's revenge on the audience

A couple points for the concept, which appeals to my cheesy B-movie loving heart. On paper, it sounds great: vikings VS scarecrows! What's not to love? Mixing genres and giving slasher movies a new setting could've been a real plus. One extra point for the witch lady, whose "acting" makes her seem like she could really use an exorcism. Otherwise, this is pretty dull, with an elongated and frankly boring opening stalk-a-thon that evaporated my hopes for this being any fun right away. What were have here is a movie that looks like a bunch of friends were trying to find uses for their ren faire costumes, but also happened to have a scarecrow getup lying around that they didn't want to go to waste. The result is a movie about a group of unconvincing "vikings" being picked off slasher-style by a shambling scarecrow. Kinda makes you wonder how these guys managed to do any conquering when a really slow dude in rags can take out them out so easily, but hey. Nowhere near as amusing as the silly premise made me hope.

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