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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mr. OpEd 10 / 10 / 10

Cheap, Quick, and Funny.

I actually saw this in the theatre where they filmed the movie theatre sequence just a few months before. I think the movie was only out for about a week, but my buddies and I caught it twice! Even dragged our drama teacher to see it (he loved it). This is the kind of high-school humor that was a carry over from the Three Stooges and is still going strong, but Landis was one of the first to bring it up to date. I think they shot this in 16mm (it looks it) and the photography has all the depth of a Wilderness Family entry, but the laughs are very much there. And this had one of the most memorable ad campaign tag lines in history: "Due to the horrifying nature of this film, no one will be admitted." It was also the only film I know of which had ads featuring a rave by Johnny Carson. It's low budget, but high yuks. I still remember it fondly (Hey, Landis, please return to your comic roots of the 70s and 80s; we don't need another Woody Allen).

Reviewed by barkingchimp 10 / 10 / 10

The Funniest Movie I Ever Saw

*WARNING: MORE THAN ANY OTHER MOVIE THAT COMES TO MIND, THIS IS A TRUE CULT MOVIE! WATCHING IT COULD CAUSE DANGEROUS NEW THOUGHTS IN YOUR HEAD* DO you understand the above warning? If you don't get that statement, or don't like what it implies, you will HATE this movie. I sat alone in a theatre in a rotten, crummy little one-horse town in the Midwest and saw this movie in 1973. I laughed harder that night than I have since. The film violates every possible rule of good taste, all conceivable social norms, and is terrifically long on puns and non-sequiturs. It is a positive wealth of sight gags. this is not highbrow movie by any stretch of the imagination, but low comedy was one thing in the 70's and something less now: it is probably "too hip for the room" at the dawn of the 21st century. Think of this movie as a knowing "wink" at the audience. It says, "we're going to play a game here--I'm going to pretend to be a movie, and you're going to pretend to be an audience...all you have to do as the audience is to get the joke." "Schlock" is a satire of a lost genre of horror films: the "caveman" movie (specifically it is a first rate send up of one of the classic bad movies of all time: "Trog"). If you watch bad movies for their unintentional comedy, if you think Mel Brook's first six movies are funny, then you're going to love this. On the other hand, if you think that the three funniest movies ever made were "Scary Movie I," "Scary Movie II," and "Not Another Teen Movie," then avoid this at all costs.

Reviewed by roddmatsui 10 / 10 / 10

One of the funniest movies I ever saw!

SCHLOCK is ridiculous, offensive, ignorant, and childish. It's also really funny, and it's now available on DVD with, yes, a great commentary track that you may have to listen to more than once; because in their enthusiastic recollections of making the film, director John Landis and special makeup artist Rick Baker reveal a surprising number of historical details. FAMOUS MONSTERS did an article on SCHLOCK way back in 72 or 73, with nice pictures of John Landis on location, wearing the hairy Schlockthropus suit...I didn't see this issue until 1979, I think, when I ordered a back issue; but when I saw the pictures, I said to myself, "I have to see this. There's something profoundly fascinating about this!" Maybe my curiosity was aroused by the fact that Landis directed the film largely while wearing a realistic ape-man costume! This alone seemed to be proof that something strange and perhaps even unnatural was going on here. Looking back on that time in 1979, I now realize my motivation for wanting to see the film so badly. The 70's were slipping away and I wanted to capture the "flavor" of fantasy films in the 70's. It was obvious, even before the 70's had wrapped up, that many films from this decade had a very particular style and tone--a very wild and innovative quality. This was some years before VCRs and home video releases were really commonplace; and I still had not seen the film by the time 1983 rolled around, although I had seen a couple of clips on the Science Fiction Awards show on TV. And that had only served to confirm something that I sensed about "Schlock"--that it was unique and energetic. It just made me want to see it more. Some time in 1983 I was walking through a video store with a friend, looking at tapes to possibly rent. And there was the box. "Hey, look, 'Schlock!'" I exclaimed, figuring that we could maybe rent it. "I've seen it," my friend said with real disdain. "It's not very good." For some reason I believed the comment, and forgot all about the movie for several years. And I think I FINALLY saw it in 1990 or something like that, after much searching; and it was under the title of "BANANA MONSTER" (I would've preferred the original title, but if a person had to change the title, "BANANA MONSTER" is as good a title as any). I don't think I ever laughed so much. This film is STRANGE. The title monster is unpredictable. He'll be friendly and silly one moment, and straight-up murderous the next. There is a song which repeats throughout the film, called "Your Sudden Impulses." So I guess this unpredictability was the main concept for the monster. On occasion he is quite frightening, and he does kill quite a few people, for example the entire "Canyon Valley Metaphysical Bowling Society" at the opening. A stimulating and sometimes unnerving farce comedy that is not devoid of blood. Quite a lot of fun! See it any way you can.

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