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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by capkronos 6 / 10 / 10

A personal favorite of Gloria Steinem.

Two very disturbed brothers kidnap women, take them to their secluded farmhouse and lock them in the basement. They seemingly do it for their mother (a la PSYCHO), who is only seen from behind, sits on a rocking chair and says, "Ah, it's good to have two fine boys!" Johnny (John Stoglin) is the mentally adolescent one in overalls who bounces up and down, likes to be pushed around in a wheel barrow and, more importantly, likes to play "games." The sick games include doctor (where women are stripped naked, fondled and get a syringe stuck in their ass) and topless leap-frog (?!) John is also a voyeur who watches a young couple have sex, then kidnaps the girl. The other brother is Frank (Gary Kent), who is depressed, impotent and sulks around a lot in deep thought. He seems fairly normal except during scenes where he rants about his mother, kills and tries to rape a captive. In one scene he relates an outrageous flashback to how his mom drove his fiancée away by telling her that "We make love! We make love like two lovers!". The sickly chained up women in the basement have rats crawling on them while they sleep, are beat, sometimes killed and constantly humiliated and subjected to the sick games of brother Johnny. They're referred to as "pets", "toys" and "playmates" by their captors. Yes, this film (the video I picked up was titled LET'S PLAY DEAD) is very trashy, offensive and misogynistic, but cult/sleaze movie fans will love the depravity at work in this entertaining and mostly forgotten gem of the 1970s exploitation circuit.

Reviewed by Tender-Flesh 8 / 10 / 10

Very very tame

I'm not sure what I was expecting from this film. I suppose I did want to see some schoolgirls and some chains. And I sort of got both. There are maybe 2 scenes with chains, but they are like dog leashes, which is pretty silly. And after forcing myself to finish the abortive The Forest, by the same director,(and yes, I foolishly purchased The Forest, curse my hide), I have no idea why I wanted to see this. I read that this was up on the banned list for a while, not sure if it really was banned or what. Apparently the title Schoolgirls in Chains was substituted with Abducted, but some censors still found copies with the original title and flipped. Anyway... What you have here is your basic Psycho rip-off with a little Of Mice and Men thrown in. Two brothers, one a sort of regular guy(who sleeps with his mother, OK there is no sleeping going on) and another guy who is a simpleton who likes to play children's games, live in a house where they keep girls they have abducted under their home in a cellar. There aren't a lot of sex games, as one might expect with a title like this, but there is one rape scene which is rather mild and brief. Mainly, you have the idiot brother, John, playing games like Hide n Seek or Follow the Leader with the girls as the damsels plot for ways to escape. Of course, I was waiting the whole time for the "pay-off" which would come in the form of some good revenge on the part of the girls. Unfortunately, that didn't really happen. Frank, the "regular fellow," does get his comeuppance, but by his own hand, leaving John presumably to be a ward of the state again. Strictly speaking for myself, because I'm strange, I would have thought a much better ending would involve the latter-day heroine, Bonnie, and her boyfriend going into the upstairs bedroom and finding Frank and John in bed with their mother's dead body, or Frank dressed as his mother with John next to him and Frank talking like their mother. Or just shotgun the lot of them. In short, you really have to have nothing better to watch than to sit through this one. Minimal nudity, no gore(except for a shot or two of a decaying body), sloooow pacing, bad acting, no violence to speak of, etc.'s still a lot better than The Forest.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10 / 10

Topless leap-frog—need I say more?

The term 'grindhouse' gets bandied about a little too much these days (thanks, QT), but Schoolgirls in Chains is the real deal, a sleazy, low-budget shocker aimed specifically at drawing in a crowd keen to see pure exploitation—in this case, beautiful women abducted and abused by a pair of demented brothers, who have been raised by their sick mother to believe that ALL pretty young females are evil (when, in fact, it's only about 90% of them). Trapped in the grungy basement of a remote house, the captured women are kept as playthings for man-child John (John Stoglin), whose over-enthusiastic approach to his depraved games often results in his 'toys' being broken (and consequently buried in the family's vegetable patch). Meanwhile, big brother Frank (Gary Kent) is on hand to keep the ladies in control, under the ever watchful gaze of domineering, woman-hating Mother (Greta Gayland). When John's game of hide and seek with his latest toy Sue (Merrie Lynn Ross) ends up with the gal receiving both barrels from Frank's shotgun, Mother agrees to the abduction of Bonnie, an attractive student who John has been spying on. After Bonnie goes missing, however, her lover—a professor at her college—sets out to find what has become of her... With a dab of psychological drama (ala Psycho), a soupçon of incest (mother loves her lads a little too much), a smidgen of rape (Frank forces himself on pretty prisoner Ginger, played by lovely Suzanne Lund), a touch of torture (I want to play doctor!), and a whole lot of grubby, low-rent photography accompanied by a suitably discordant soundtrack (complete with an effectively unsettling nursery rhyme theme), Schoolgirls in Chains achieves exactly what it sets out to do—entertain its audience through a series of sensational and sordid scenes in which girls in peril are subjected to all manner of horrors. It's not exactly art, but it sure is fun (but don't tell mama I said so: she doesn't approve of me watching filthy girls). 7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

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