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Amanda Seyfried as Susanna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by i_skyba 4 / 10 / 10

Animated trash

I loved Scooby-Doo cartoons as a child, so I expected similar impressions and feelings from this animated film. There were also hopes that this franchise will still be able to revive. But, in my opinion, this is not the case at all. The plot. Nothing interesting here. Classic thrash plot of the last 10 years. Metal minions.... for me, this is an indicator of the lack of ideas in the writers of the cartoon. For fans of cool graphics it is a disappointment. 2020, but the film doesn't exactly reach the level. The main characters infuriated me more than forcing me to empathize. Especially Fred - a dumb-headed beauty. Jokes? I smiled only once. The complete primitive. Attitudes of children... My nephew, who was watching with me, went to another room 15 minutes after the start of the cartoon. It simply didn't interest the child, and this can already be called an indicator. 4/10. Children will not be interested, adults don't need to waste time.

Reviewed by Sabaher 5 / 10 / 10

A generic 21st century kids movie disguised as a Scooby Doo movie.

I was never really the biggest fan of Scooby Doo. I watched some epispodes, but I never really gravitated to that show and characters. But even with watching so little episodes, you can tell it is very different from the cartoon. It doesn't feel like Scooby Doo. There aren't any mysteries of haunted houses. This is a superhero movie wth Scooby Doo characters. The villian is actually pretty good. He has a clear motivation and you understand what's he doing and why he's doing it. He can also be funny which is perfect for a kids movie like this. The voice actors did a good job. The stand-outs for me are Mark Whalberg, Jason Isaacs and Frank Welker. The movie is really funny and a lot of the jokes land well. Especially with the character of Fred. Whenever he's on screen he gives that funny vibe and you can't help it but to laugh whenever he tells a joke. The biggest problem for me is that this is just a generic kids movie. It follows the same formula as all kids movies. Set-up a relationship with two characters, seperate them and make them reconcile, earn the power of friendship and save the day. On top of that, add a bunch of pop songs. The movie is afraid to take risks and shake things up. Because that, it doesn't add anything new to the genre, it doesn't add anything new to the Scooby Doo characters and it's just forgetable. If i'm in a mood for Scooby Doo, I won't watch this. I will watch the original cartoon. If I'm in a mood for a 21st century kids movie, I won't watch this. I will just go watch the Lego Movie. My point is that this movie doesn't stand out in any way. I conslusion, I don't think that a generic kids movie is worth 20 dollars. 4/10 you can skip it, you're not missing much.

Reviewed by matttoth 5 / 10 / 10

It's OK...but could have been so much more.

The first 15 mins of this are great. Why they couldn't have just kept this as an origin story of how the gang met and started solving mysteries is beyond me. Instead the story spirals off into a million directions and is filled with tons of poorly executed pop culture references. The animation is stellar, but the plot diminishes this one a lot. I'm not expecting it to be just like the TV series, but my kids got more excited at the beginning of the movie and started to lose interest as it went on. Sometimes I wonder if these screenwriters working on kids movies actually have kids. So disappointing and a big missed opportunity.

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