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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mat123-1 1 / 10 / 10

Not even scary.

The movie fails on every aspect. Its not scary, its not funny, almost zero suspense. But the plot, oh my God. They introduce an algorithm startup in 2016 like its something knew. Then the whole company employees AND THE BOSS go traveling after a prank video "mystery" (really?), like its the ONLY thing that could make them great. A common, regular, 10 second video that a monkey could make at the basement. And then, after no escalating, a mask fellow screams at the camera, with zero background, zero emotion, zero reasons to be there or to be creepy. And thats it. You don't even get to know if people are killed or what. The whole boring movie just lead you to about 4 miserable screams. The end.

Reviewed by S_Soma 1 / 10 / 10

Calling it a snore would be far too kind.

I'm very prone to watching, and actually liking, trashy found footage horror films. Check the archive of my reviews and you'll see this is true. Even with that being the case, this movie is absolutely god-awful. It is possessed of exactly zero redeeming value. Admittedly, the acting isn't bad, but the actors are neither doing or saying anything that you would ever want to see or hear. It may as well be a found footage movie of people cleaning a bathroom but with less entertainment value. A found footage film is typically a lot of glacially slow buildup to a climactic scene right at the end where you get your little doggy-treat payoff of some actual horror or something supernatural as your reward for having invested all that time in the lead up. Not in this movie. All but no buildup and then a nothing payoff at the end. Take everybody's word for it in the reviews here. It's the biggest nothing of a movie ever made. Especially don't watch it trying to find out why everybody says it's so bad.

Reviewed by danielleosborn 1 / 10 / 10

Probably the worst movie I've ever watched. Sharknado had more plot than this trash

First hour of this movie is literally just a guy filming what goes on day to day at their office. So boring, I had to skip ahead. Then they get the "scary footage" whatever. More boring office chatter and boring dialogue. Then they all decide to go solve the mystery, and in the LAST FIVE MINUTES is where it gets "scary." And I'm using scary VERY VERY generously. For the rest of the movie, you literally just see this random dude in a mask who keeps screaming into the camera as the camera crew disappears. You don't even find out what happens to them. Did they die? I don't know! Who is this man in the mask? Why does he and this random Tara chick live in this house? What happened to Tara for her to have gotten there? No backstory, no explanation of why any of this is happening, no resolution, literally no plot at all. I can't believe I finished it. I was really trying to give it a chance. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I literally think all the people who wrote these reviews were paid to give 5 stars. If i hear that scream one more time, I will smash my computer. There wasn't even a difference in any of the screams. It was literally a pre recorded scream that they just kept playing over and over again as the masked guy appeared. SO FAKE SO BORING SO STUPID PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME

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