Season of the Witch

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by backbaybos 10 / 10 / 10


I just re-watched Season of The Witch. I hadn't watched it in years. I found I had the time to analyze it 100%. Jan White playing Joan Mitchell (the lead), was too pretty and young for the role...but it worked. Why? Because her husband married her and put her on a perhaps a trophy wife. Joan's friends are WAY too old for her. It seemed they bordered on being senior citizens, whereas Joan wasn't. No wonder she was bored. Her husband hardly paid attention to her and she had to fit in with women decades older. Joan has a 20-ish year old daughter, Nikki, and she makes an appearance and you never see her again. We get an all too brief glimpse of the kind of dynamic they have. Nikki's friend and TA, Gregg, takes a liking to the older Joan. Joan and Gregg have a small affair. He kept referring her to Mrs. Robinson in the Graduate. You could actually feel Joan's angst in the whole film. Being bored and frustrated, the viewer hopes that she has the affair with the younger Gregg. There is an unkind scene where Gregg teases one of Joan's friends. Jan White is such a good actress you can feel her anger toward Gregg in this scene. Again, in praise of Jan White, you can see how comfortable she is with Gregg. I felt that if she ended up with Gregg, he could fulfill her. I thought she would kill him for making her have feelings of unbridled sexuality. It takes Gregg to make Joan realize how unhappily married she is. I won't give away the ending. But, the film is a great character study. We see Joan coming apart in front of our very eyes. The witchcraft thing is secondary. The poor woman is fighting for her sanity and self esteem. Director George Romero is genius at letting the viewer FEEL. Someone said it was slow paced. YEAH...but we get to feel what Joan is feeling. That's the beauty of it. It's not a horror film!! Great movie making on the part of Jan White and George Romero. It worked for me. I think a lot of reviewers expected Night of the Living Dead results. It isn't that kind of film. More of a thinking person's study. I'm so amazed. Kudos.

Reviewed by Shinwa 8 / 10 / 10

Tense and intelligent

A thoughtful character study with supernatural tinges, misleading marketed as a straightforward horror film due to Romero's reputation, this film raises more questions than it can answer but is involving despite its leisurely pace. Certainly a more honest confrontation of suburban anomie than the likes of American Beauty, anyway, it boasts a well-modulated lead performance from Jan White, as well as arresting dream sequences and an overall well-sustained quiet tension throughout.

Reviewed by Tom May 8 / 10 / 10

Imperfect but often brilliant film

I would certainly take issue with the previous comment, written without much proper discussion of the film. It did not at all bore me; maybe its pace was slow, but is this inherently a bad thing? The mood was sustained and developed well by this low-key, languid film-making. The music and photography were truly absorbing. The music was wonderfully oddball, disorientating and varied. The photography is very vivid and makes use of opaque colours very effectively. The sound quality - particularly for some dialogue - of the "print" I watched was poor, but that's no fault, I suspect, of Romero. There is a great beginning, and a perhaps not so great a conclusion; the first scenes are wonderfully vivid and dreamy, with editing used expertly. The ending however, could be said to be abrupt, with issues and characters left unresolved. The witchcraft aspect does work, and is a telling part of White's character's development throughout the film. The acting and writing of the film's characters is indeed not the greatest I have yet seen, but it's not bad at all. The obscure Jan White, as the jaded, ageing (well, around 40 it appears) housewife, is very good in the role, exuding an effective screen presence. The previous commentator brands the actress "ugly"? I don't see how this is truly relevant, but for the record, Ms White was certainly nothing of the sort. Particularly late on, around about the witchcraft sequences, she is oddly resplendent. The other actors were generally of a standard that certainly was not notably bad, but was not notably great either; they were passable enough. Ray Laine's hippy character is perhaps too blatant a generalized representative of the counter-culture, but for the plot it plays well, with the scene between Laine, White, her daughter and some other, older housewife downright amusing in many ways. While hardly "Brass Eye" in its incisiveness, this film's satire - of both American middle-class suburbia and the '60s/'70s counter-culture - is justified and largely well achieved. I have to say from watching Romero's debut, "The Night of the Living Dead" and this film, he has some film-making ability. Particularly in the avenue of creating an atmosphere of unease and malaise. This is not truly a horror film, without the typical trappings. Any monster, is at best vaguely implicit, or more rightly a metaphor in Joan's dreams, the blood on show is minimal. While I thought this film did not deliver on all the promise it had, I greatly enjoyed it. A refreshingly odd film, one that deserves much higher than a misguided 4.7/10 rating, albeit only for 76 voters. Rating:- ****/*****

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