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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awarsitz 2 / 10 / 10

I don't get how anyone has given this good ratings

I gave it 2 stars only because it could have been amazing. But it's so poorly executed and acted that it feels like an alternative universe where no one gets angry! How in the actual hell can a man who finds out the woman he is marrying is in love with his brother-in-law to-be just get in the car with her because her sister is in labor? Any normal person would have gotten as far away as possible! And the fact that everyone just acts like it's someone else's job to make their problems go away made me so frustrated with the characters. You're grown adults! Act like it; no one is saying to be together, since no one knows, and they have to live with that but they don't. Plus, the bizarre Kenneth is almost depressingly flat as a character. He's like a token good-guy (but also the only "asian" character in a movie that romanticizes but also manages to insult Japan). Did the writer mean to make the character (especially Ben) sound so condescending? It's how he comes across almost the entire film. The reaction of the mother at the wedding too was so bizarre. Hey, I just found out my two daughters love the same guy and yet one is married to Ben and pregnant by Ben, while the other is secretly pining away and my husband just beat the hell out of Ben but hey, sorry we'll have to cut the party early. This was just a train wreck! Jaime is in labor, yet Ben only has eyes for Emily. And then, despite all the odds and with no time to think about anything, Jaime wants Ben in the delivery room! WHAT?! I think it's safe to say almost ANYONE would want to kill him, not hold his hand!! The dad is kinda like a creepy flake- he wants to be the protector but also runs away at any opportunity, overall just written/acted like a stereotype. In fact that's a perfect word for this whole movie: stereotype. Kenneth is a total doormat, saying "oh it's okay that you love Ben just tell me what to do." Excuse me, what? Who would be okay with that? And then "I'm willing to let you go if that makes you happiest." While this is the fairytale answer, and some may see it as "mature," it so, so unrealistic. Why would he be so willing to give her up just because he thinks she loves Ben? No one does that! He says he doesn't want to know and forgives her without even blinking, since she's "all he's got." But that's not true, is it? The movie never says that, are we supposed to assume that he has no family, no friends, nothing? People don't just accept something so messed up, so painful, just because they love someone. Pain is pain, and anger is anger, but this movie acts like those emotions only exist for Ben and Emily and everyone else is just their emotional periphery. Now we cut to Ben and Jaime; she's losing the baby and all of sudden starts being the only person to make sense, crying out to Ben "I'm gonna lose you." Which would be true: he told Emily he married the wrong sister and doesn't want to be with Jaime anymore. Now that she's in labor that's changed? I'm sorry but we all know a baby doesn't change anything. If anything, Ben would leave even if he couldn't have Emily. Then, the baby is miraculously born when Ben says he won't leave. But oh no! It's small and needs oxygen (cut to a perfectly healthy, full size baby). A baby born 4 weeks early would need the NICU, yes, but it wouldn't look like the baby they show. And then the movie is pretty much over. You think that everyone has moved on since Kenneth and Emily walk off together and Jaime and Ben are seen about to drive to a family function with baby in two. But alas, the charm Emily gave to Ben that you thought he threw away in the hospital? Still on his keys. Guess he hasn't moved on after all. Oh joy. Waste of time, waste of everything. Just wanted to post the plot since I couldn't find it and wish I had known just how bad it was gonna be. And this movie didn't make me believe in love, it made me believe in revenge.

Reviewed by mathomas-28053 1 / 10 / 10

sad and bittersweet

First of all, Mallory Corinne is the sexiest woman I've seen in film in a long time. Whew! Second of all, I think this film would only speak to you if you've been through something like this. Seeing the woman you love with another man. Loving one sister and then also falling for the second sister. It tears you up. I think they captured this painful dynamic well. Finally, the ending. There is simply no possible good ending for this film. It's a pain that can only slowly dissipate with time. The best film I know on this topic was "The English Patient," and we all know how that one turned out.

Reviewed by Tokyo55 1 / 10 / 10

It's like ruining a scrambled egg

If it's in any way about Japan, I'll watch it. I can give a film about Japan a 10 while others have panned it, usually for the cinematography alone. The scenes of Japan are bizarrely sped up and the plot is beyond not believable. There is no ending nor is there anything about this move that I can find any redeeming features except that it is short. The cast is terrible with the exception of the older sister. I am writing several screen plays with Japanese themes but this I just don't understand the point and that a group of people got together and agreed that this was something worth making. It's nonsense at best!

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