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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by queeroid 1 / 10 / 10

A Crime Mystery Perhaps, But No Thriller

This slow, awkward, and uncomfortable film purports to be a horror and thriller. It is neither. It's about a grown man having sex with his pubescent niece. She is written to be the pursuer (as if that should make the situation more acceptable to the audience somehow?) and he is written to be conflicted. The conflict being: is he sexually interested in a child because he's mentally ill, or is it just the virus he contracted from a conch shell? (Insert eye roll here.) That's the mystery we, the audience, are presented with throughout the film and left with by the time the credits roll. So, with absolutely no resolution, it's a _bad_ mystery at that. TL;DR: You'll be mad you wasted your time on this gross nonsense.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 7 / 10 / 10

You're a monster

Marcus Milton (Trevor Long) lives in his New England home. There is a creature that lives there with him, something that came from an ocean shell. When his brother has to leave town, he saddles Marcus with his two kids which include a teen daughter (Andrea Chen), Lily. Lily and Marcuse become dangerously close as he fights off her attempts of seduction. He also gets pills from a guy who shows up from time to time. The film is slow-moving. Is the monster real or a metaphor is the only mystery of the film and you have the option of making a case either way. The beginning is disjointed to create a mystery. Guide: 1 f-word. sex. nudity (Shannon Hartman?)

Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 7 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "Seeds"

"Seeds" isn't unique in its style or concept when telling stories like this, surreal melodrama and psychological horror meant to serve as a metaphor for something else. It is creative, and even with such dark, uncomfortable material, the film is often poetic. Right off, I got impressions of classic horror dramas like "Suspiria" and "Possession". Two films that hardly made sense at times, flowed in a dreamscape of confusion and melanchalia, but managed to be captivating and hypnotic. "Seeds" is filmed beautifully, the characters hang between detached mimics and relatable, tragic beings. I have to admit though that a lot of the film is muddled in aimless grandeur, and it took far too long for a clear story line to emerge. There is also a very real moment when you understand the metaphorical significance, it all becomes predictable, and I wished for the confusion and mesmer to return. The horror rests mostly on the psychological elements, more so than the monster aspect. The conflict between ones own morality and propensity for depravity is universal and always relavent. The creature, set aside it's own existence within the film, is menacing when on screen . Strikingly so! Still what I personally wanted was a representation a bit more Lovecraftian, than what I got. Overall I left the film being a little split on my feelings. There is so much in this film that is told disturbing, beautiful. The acting is superb, and the creativity can't be denied. But I also wanted a bit more actualized, traditional horror. Still "Seeds" is film worth checking out, and a project worthy of recognition.

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