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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheDudeLebowski 2 / 10 / 10

Horrid movie with few good qualities (contains Spoilers)

Michael St. Gerard (who played Elvis Presley on the TV series Elvis) stars as Everette in this teen lust vehicle. The opening scene is in the classroom where all of Everette's female classmates shed their tops. This is actually a pretty good scene. To tell you the truth I got bored with it after that so I hit fast forward. About halfway through the movie the male characters have dream sequences with incredibly hot chicks. No sex, but some hot topless babes. The scene is about 5 minutes long. After that scene though, I got bored again and hit fast forward. Nothing worth watching after that. If you watch this movie, watch the above scenes I mentioned and don't waste your time with any others. I give it a 2 out of 10 (it would get a 1 if not for those 2 great scenes)

Reviewed by kbeard-2 10 / 10 / 10

Fun little movie

Granted this is no cinematic masterpiece, but sometimes I like stupid movies. This is one of those classic 80's movies that's fun to watch after midnight. If you like movies like, State Park, Loose Screws, The Allnighter, One Crazy Summer, etc. you'll probbly like this.

Reviewed by michiganfilmextras 10 / 10 / 10

Working on this movie was a blast!!

I am listed under the credits as Production Assistant. We had a blast in Daytona Beach Florida filming this. And I might add that the part of the film where it is the pool scene, that was actually filmed at the Coppertone owners mansion. Also Michael St Gerard was a wonderful guy and I was pleased to see him go on to make the Elvis movies. I just remember having so much fun on that movie and many may not like it,however, it was a fond memory to me. And as you see I am still in the business supplying Actors with my casting agency. There is also another note about Michael St Gerard, He is now a Youth Pastor in New York and He loves that life and really does not look back on his movie career. also, the life guard in the scene with the real strong New York accent was actually the hair stylist on the movie, I believe his name was Rocky.

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