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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IndustriousAngel 8 / 10 / 10

Fast-paced and well-acted family comedy

A successful member of the very popular make-fun-of-racism-comedy sub-genre (earlier entries include, among others, monster hit "Intouchables", "Paulette", "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" and "Les Invincibles"), this comedy shines not so much by originality or surprises - most gags and the general plot are very obvious choices - as by flawless execution. The rhythm of the gags is relentless - punch, punch, punch ... - not a single boring moment - and I really liked the cast and characters - a bunch of very lovable people, and who's not so from the start will have been turned over to the bright side by the end. Altogether, a rather sweet mix, but recommended for the nice performances and the quick-footed pace!

Reviewed by nassosk 8 / 10 / 10

French cinema, reliable value

Seldom have I seen a French movie that I didn't enjoy. "Qu' est-ce qu' on a fait au Bon Dieu?" was no exception to this rule of thumb. I am not sure what most people expect to see when they go to watch a movie about such an absurd combination of facts. I, for one, went with an open mind, expecting extreme situations. However, once you get past the (obvious) exaggeration of the main story (a handful of races, another handful of religions - just ONE family), the various plot turns and outcomes are both believable and plausible. There are a few cheap laughs, a couple of clichés, but other than that, the movie is very enjoyable and offers more genuine laughs. It doesn't try too hard with messages (I love that), the idea is just plain straight: we all hide a (however small or big) racist within, which, given the right circumstances can either grow or shrink. No man is bias- free. It's a good movie, a well spent one-and-a-half hour.

Reviewed by Nobody-27 8 / 10 / 10

A very enjoyable comedy!

In recent years, French cinema has suffered similar fate as Hollywood; whatever was made was too tepid or dumb to be interesting, with an occasional exception... but I digress. "Serial Bad Weddings" or in literal translation: "What Have We Done To Dear God?" is a comedy about a family with three daughters each marrying a person of different race and religion than their own. If this were Canada or US, it would probably not even be worthy of a film. We all would like to believe that most of us are above racism in N. America, but keen observer will notice that racism has not disappeared, it is only better hidden. This creates a bit of a friction in many circles, and having a film like this goes a long way towards letting some of that pressure out. I am glad that French can still laugh at themselves, because most Brits and Americans will most likely be too scared into political correctness to enjoy the humor in this film. To have a film expose and attack such deeply engrained attitudes head-on, is quite something. To have it done with "no holds barred" attitude, to the point of making one cringe and laugh at the same time, is what I enjoyed about this film the most. The cast was absolutely wonderful, and besides Christian Clavier, it includes Pascal N'Zonzi who some cinefiles may remember from "Night On Earth" (the black VIP from an embassy... with "y-vois-rien" joke). Pascal N'Zonzi and Christan Clavier play off of each other so well, it is worth watching this film just for the two of them. While the film occasionally flat-lines, the jokes are plentiful and well executed. There is only one sequence (maybe two?) that I am not crazy about... but even with that, it is very well worth watching just for the daring humor and attacking the issue of racism head-on in a truly funny manner. No one is spared - no race, and no racist, and everyone is better for it! All in all a good comedy that will not disappoint you, provided political correctness has not robbed you of your sense of humor.

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