Seven Thieves


Crime / Drama

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Edward G. Robinson as Dr. Clitterhouse
Eli Wallach as Frankie Scannapieco
Joan Collins as Beauty Queen Contestant
Rod Steiger as Stanley Shriner Hoff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonJack 8 / 10 / 10

Surprise twists in this crime flick with top talent

A mid-20th century trio of top-notch actors star in "Seven Thieves." This unusual caper mystery is based on a 1959 novel by Max Catto, "The Lions at the Kill." Catto was a prolific English writer who sometimes wrote under the pen name, Simon Kent. Ten of his novels were made into movies. Among them are the 1950 book, "The Killing Frost," which became the 1956 film, "Trapeze;" and the 1969 book, "Murphy's War," which became a 1971 film of the same name. In "Seven Thieves," Edward G. Robinson, Rod Steiger and Eli Wallach are joined by four others in pulling off a grand heist of the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. Joan Collins plays the sole female of the group. The exteriors of Monte Carlo and the French Riviera - at Cannes, are filmed. I visited and vacationed at these places in 1963 and 1964 while serving in the U.S. Army in Germany, and they appeared then just as shown in this film. The plot for this film is a good drama and caper. It has some good character development - for as much as a 100-minute film will allow with seven main characters. All the performances are very good, including a number of supporting cast. Among them are Berry Kroeger and Sebastian Cabot. This is one of those heist films when one hopes they get away with it. The film has some sentimental underpinnings that lurk under the surface until the end. That revelation and a surprise twist provide for an interesting ending. And one more little twist at the final scene adds a touch of delight. At times this film may seem slow to modern audiences used to fast action and little substance. But the substance is well worth it for those who appreciate good acting and a nice crime caper. Here's a favorite line from the movie. Theo Wilkins (E.G. Robinson) sits down with Paul Mason (Rod Steiger) to have a drink at an outdoor lounge overlooking the beach at Cannes, France. Theo says, "Now, an international axiom. A man who says 'whiskey' is an Englishman. A man who says 'double whiskey' is an Irishman. But a man who asks, 'Have you any ice?' is an American."

Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 6 / 10 / 10

A below par Hathaway, but still worth watching!

Photographed in black-and-white CinemaScope. Lenses supplied by Bausch & Lomb. Westrex Sound System. Producer: Sydney Boehm. Copyright 1960 by 20th Century-Fox Film Corp. New York opening at the Paramount: 11 March 1960. U.S. release: January 1960. U.K. release: March 1960. Australian release: 7 April 1960. 9,178 feet. 102 minutes. SYNOPSIS: An aging American gangster, Theo Wilkins, hoping to pull off one last grand coup before he dies, masterminds a sensational plot to rob the Monte Carlo gambling casino of $4 million. He enlists the aid of six others, including Melanie, a stripper, and Raymond Le May, the casino director's secretary, who will arrange for the other four's admittance on the night of the Governor's Ball. While Paul Mason, Wilkins's "right arm" and Louis, a safe cracker, break into the vaults, Theo poses as the personal physician of an eccentric crippled millionaire in a wheelchair, impersonated by Melanie's partner, Poncho. NOTES: Bill Thomas was nominated for an Academy Award for his Costumes, losing to "The Facts of Life" (black-and-white category). COMMENT: Alas it's very obvious that this film was made entirely in the studio with unconvincingly obvious stand-ins doing an occasional walk through the real French locations then a jump-cut to Steiger, Robinson, Collins etc. against a process screen. The film also tends to be a bit long-winded and dialogue bound and one of the original centers of interest suffers by being originally conceived for Mai Britt who was actually cast in the film when shooting commenced. Although the part was re-written for Joan Collins, she was obviously a second choice and suffers from poor camera angles and Hathaway's characteristically nonchalant direction of his players. The other players are as good as their material with the exceptions of Alexander Scourby and Eli Wallach who are even better. Once the film gets into stride with the robbery sequence itself — and in fact all the casino scenes — it becomes quite engrossing and there is some good dialogue for Robinson and Sebastian Cabot. But then the interest tends to peter out again, but fortunately the film concludes — somewhat unconvincingly it is true — before too much damage is done. Photography is rather flat especially in the exterior scenes where the process screen is used. Production values are little more than adequate, whilst Hathaway's direction is little more than safely and commercially routine. Even his well-known penchant for violence is noticeably absent here giving one the impression of a flaccid yarn, flaccidly told. Tighter film editing would help.

Reviewed by Uriah43 6 / 10 / 10

A Complicated Crime Caper

"Theo Wilkins" (Edward G. Robinson) has put together a plan to steal $4 million from a casino in Monte Carlo and he specifically asks an old accomplice named "Paul Mason" (Rob Steiger) to assist him. Also conspiring with him are five other accomplices who each have their own interests and it's for this reason that he has asked Paul to join in this caper as Theo desperately needs someone on the team he can trust. Although Paul is initially reluctant to join him he is eventually persuaded due in large part to a woman on the team named "Melanie" (Joan Collins). The problem though is that she has a possessive boyfriend on this team by the name of "Pancho" (Eli Wallach) who she feels a certain loyalty towards. In any event, the mission is quite complicated and because of that all seven members of the team have to work together in order to accomplish it. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a decent crime-drama which could have been better had it had a bit more action or suspense. Even so, it was still entertaining enough for the time spent and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.

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