Seven Ways from Sundown


Action / Adventure / Drama / Western

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September 26, 2020



Barry Sullivan as Prof. Dan Mallare
Jack Kruschen as Det. Mace
John McIntire as Sergeant Henessey
Kenneth Tobey as Lieutenant Herly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by triassic4 8 / 10 / 10

It will be "Seven Ways From Sunday" ~ before UNIVERSAL ever releases a DVD!!

I will not take up space by reviewing what other Viewer's comments have already unanimously echoed -- this is a greatly overlooked and EXCELLENT Western 60's film (as are quite a few of AUDIE MURPHY's films). What I ask of UNIVERSAL DVD Productions is to .... PLEASE WAKE UP ... and to please release some of AUDIE MURPHY's films onto DVD! Did you know that almost NONE of his films have ever even been released onto VHS ... or ... DVD!! How absurd!! The ONLY times I have ever been able to even see these films were (recently) on TMC (a GREAT Channel!!) and several years ago on AMC (before they "sold out" to the Corporate conglomerates and SAVAGELY BUTCHERED their films with gross "commercialization" -- which is pretty SAD for a Company that boasted and prided itself in FILM RESTORATION and PRESERVATION!!). Here are a few of AUDIE's FINE Western titles which I offer to UNIVERSAL for consideration: SEVEN WAYS FROM SUNDOWN, HELL BENT FOR LEATHER, GUNS OF FORT PETTICOAT, COLUMN SOUTH, and RIDE CLEAR OF DIABLO. Thankfully, at least a few of his films ARE available on DVD ... and you should check them out or buy them -- you will NOT be disappointed: DUEL AT SILVER CREEK, NIGHT PASSAGE (with JAMES STEWART!), and NO NAME ON THE BULLET. These films can stand right up there and beside any of the other Classic Western Films!! Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by Utopia1776 7 / 10 / 10

A lovable rogue is still a rogue.

Seven Ways From Sundown Jones (Audie Murphy) must bring in outlaw Jim Flood, who tries to win Jones over to his side with charm and a fun loving personality. Does Jones put friendship over justice? Does Flood underestimate the green lawman? Watch and see.

Reviewed by telegonus 7 / 10 / 10

Audie Goes South

Everyone should see at least one Audie Murphy western in his life. This one is as good as any. Audie's a lawman charged with bringing elegant bad guy Barry Sullivan back to town in order to have him hanged. The problem is that, for all their difference, these two men become friends; and in time good friends. Sullivan teaches Audie a thing or two about life, and Audie gives Sullivan a lesson or two in morality. These guy complement one another. The dialogue is, for a low-budget western, often quite good. Everything happens as it should. The ending, while not a shocker, truly resonates, and makes us think about what we have just seen.

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