Seventh Code


Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RonAltman 5 / 10 / 10

odd drama in interesting setting **½

Odd drama set (and filmed) entirely in Vladivostok, Russia, where a Japanese woman has tracked down a businessman she met in Tokyo. She seems obsessed with meeting the man again, although he couldn't care less. It turns out he has ties with the mafia or some other criminal organization. Meanwhile, the woman finds temporary refuge in a Chinese restaurant. Watchable, but any deeper meaning is elusive. English title: SEVENTH CODE. from the director of the excellent KYUA/CURE (1997) provides interesting views of contemporary Vladivostok

Reviewed by epiceffectss 1 / 10 / 10

Good 1hr Japanese in Russia mafia film

Yeah this was good. Well acted , excellent slowly evolving pacing. Great cinematic vision of a derelict Russia full of no hope. A Japanese girl is in Russia to find her missing lover , only that's not true , she is their to steal something from him , he's a Japanese mafia man getting a nuclear component on the black market. She works at a small restaurant in the hope of tracking him down. It's a short film , stylish and hard to criticize. The main girl is excellent and very attractive. The other actors are all good, the backdrop of Russia feels very cold war , its a good look.Has a nice twist at the end so make sure you watch t the credits. Really enjoyed it.

Reviewed by tytastic 1 / 10 / 10


I truly don't understand why some people have to insist on producing and directing films when they lack any semblance of talent whatsoever. This horrible (and oddly short) "film" is sadly one of those for which I wasted an hour that I will never get back. I frankly can't find any reason at all why this junk would even get a review or mention anywhere let alone a Best Director or a Best Technical Contribution award at the 8th Rome Film Festival except that the so-called judges had never even seen two minutes of this fiasco. Does having the surname Kurosawa entitle any loser to direct junk and portray it as a work of art and then be rewarded for it?! No wonder the man himself was shocked at receiving the two "awards"! Don't worry, Mr. Kurosawa, so was I and am sure millions of others. No real story, vague script w/ at best amateur acting will await those interested in this tragedy and travesty. Consider yourself warned.

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