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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dennsylvania 4 / 10 / 10

Great soundtrack/Goofy film, but slightly entertaining

This film has a great soundtrack all the way through! Most of the artists are not well known, but deserve a second listen. Great soundtrack! The film was pretty bad. Cheesy plot, goofy sophomoric dialog, poor and clichéd acting, clichéd characters, pretty bad all around. If you take this film seriously, you will hate it, but going into it, you should know that it is not to be taken seriously. This film is worth seeing, but not worth paying to see, so only rent it if you have the Movie Pass lol. If you wade through all the goofiness, there a few funny moments. Although, if you are amused by farts and masturbation (God help you! lol), you might love this film lol. Danica McKeller is not in the film near enough. She is a secondary character. Being the only talented actor/actress in the film, they should have given her a bigger role. And she is still cute as can be Winnie! I guess she will always have a special place in most people's hearts as Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years. Great show! Richard Karn is the next closest cast member to being well known, and he is terrible in this film. What would expect though? Yes it is clichéd constantly. The geek is in love with the most popular girl in the school, who dates the football star. The geek has a fat, somewhat effeminate friend, who always has a crazy plan. The geek stands up for the girl, and receives the ire of the jocks. The geek is clumsy lol. etc, etc. SPOILER! One major problem I have with this film is at the end. We are all happy that the geek finally got the dream girl, and that he beat up the jock, and the dream girl realized how great a guy the geek was, and then all of a sudden, the geek wakes up, and the whole crazy plot we watched was just a dream, it didn't happen. WHAT? Then he goes and does the same things over again, and we are left to believe it happens the same way the second time. This was totally pointless and stupid! Why? Really bad move! One question about this film: Why did they remove the nudity, if the film had an R rating even without it. The 2 scenes with breasts would not have raised the rating to NC 17, so why cut them out of an R rated film? Plus, why cut them out on the DVD release, if they are going to be in the Deleted Scenes anyway? I can't imagine this film had much of a theatrical run, if any, so the DVD would be the main release, so why cut it out, if 1. it's already rated R, and 2. they are on another part of the DVD anyway. Don't get me wrong, I could care less if a film has nudity, I just don't understand the logic here. Plus, the extended scene with the 3 girls in Debbie's bedroom displayed some of Danica's best acting, but it was cut in half for the feature. Anyway, goofy film worth seeing ONLY IF you can see it for free, because of a FEW funny moments, a great soundtrack, and Danica McKeller's cuteness lol.

Reviewed by tricksixxx 1 / 10 / 10

Oh my lord....why?

This movie is terrible. How else can I put it? At least American Pie was entertaining and the comedy was raunchy yet interesting. This movie is a disgrace to the motion picture industry. How was this atrocity released? I spent 4 bucks on this trash! Holy crap I could have spent that money on a quarter pounder with cheese and had some sort of temporary satisfaction. There's not even a good sex or nude scene! The acting is just BAD, the story is just Cliché, the directing is just CRAP. There's nothing funny about this at all. I can't believe you IMDb users gave this a 4.8, why? Why is this not sitting on the bottom 100? Did you think it was cute? Oh my lord.....why? 2/10

Reviewed by jclisbon729 1 / 10 / 10

Worse than a Uwe Boll film

I should have immediately known this was a bad movie when the biggest names in it were washed-up sitcom co-stars. This was by far, the worst thing I have ever seen. I could tell it would be a stereotypical teen comedy, and in fact I only watched it because it had Winnie Cooper in it, and I've been in love with her for as long as I can remember. Not anymore! I cannot believe anyone would sink so low as to make this movie. Every character is a stereotype, it has terrible acting, an atrocious script, and the most predictable plot I've ever seen in my life. There where characters that just stopped showing up halfway through the movie, scenes that contributed nothing to the plot and never went anywhere, and every sort of gross-out gag you can imagine. I could only suggest this movie if you feel like torturing yourself for an hour and a half.

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