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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by agentx2zero 9 / 10 / 10

Accidental discovery of a comic gem, plot outline, slight spoiler warning.

I happened to watch this movie completely by accident, whilst flicking between channels, the title gripping my weak young mind! The version I watched was subtitled, and I can't often be bothered with all that, but this didn't stop any of the fun. The film operates on several levels, appearing to be just an excuse for a sexist pile of nonsense, but in reality it's a very funny film with quite a bit of socio-political comment, but not too much to spoil it. The basic plot is of two regular guys who get the cryogenic treatment, having sneaked cigarettes and a hip flask into their sleeping tubes. They are awakened many years later to find that they are the last two men on earth, an "M-bomb" having killed all the men in the world! The existing women all live in underground complexes and have discovered how to make babies without men, somehow. Our two fellas are allowed to live just so long as they have the offending items (between their legs) removed. They promptly escape, and run amok in the bunker, with the final result not quite what you might have imagined! An example of a typical scene; they happen across this room which has an apple tree in it. Growing there is a solitary apple, which they pluck and bite into, and immediately spit out as it's sour. This turns out to be the last apple on the last tree in the world, and does not go down too well with the lady president. There is some quite bizarre incidental music which did start to grate, but this is the best of all those films you trip over late at night when you really ought to have gone to bed (Moon 44 anyone?) you'll laugh, you'll wince, you'll not hurl, but you might think.

Reviewed by Lebech 10 / 10 / 10

Good sci-fi comedy

I saw this movie with Danish subtitles a long time ago, and I found it very funny. It was a little difficult to find it because of its title. There are at roughly two types of science fiction. One type focuses on the fascination with science and tries to depict the future. Another type seeks to satirize or criticize contemporary society by simplifying the problems in futuristic settings. This movie is of the second kind. Two men are frozen down and wake up 50 years later in a society populated only by women. Not a very credible story, but that's not the point of the movie. The movie is full of funny dialogues as well as satire of questions of sexuality and the meaning of equality in contemporary society. The movie is highly recommended. It also gets away with the special effects quite well despite a low budget.

Reviewed by Mr Dread 10 / 10 / 10

A Polish movie I can enjoy again and again...

(A) Very, very impressive. Low budget, but still sooo good! Very funny (in its original language) and creative. And if you thought that Truman Show's ending was weird, you should see this movie.. Wow. Good stuff. And the last scene ends the movie perfectly.

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