Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero


Adventure / Animation / Family / History / War

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Adam James as Hardin
Gérard Depardieu as Auguste Rodin
Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham
Logan Lerman as Jason - Age 8
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ed-reddy 9 / 10 / 10

Fantastic movie to explain WWI to kids

This historically accurate, non bloody, non gore children's film perfectly captures the horrrors of war in a perfect 90 minutes. The film is based on the experiences of a small dog called Stubby and several key characters in his life during the later stage of World War I. I would have to say it's perfect for elementary aged kids if you wanted to show them how the war was fought and how it impacted the lives of civilians. My 9 year old loved the film and wishes to see it again.

Reviewed by brianjohnson-20043 10 / 10 / 10

Works! A true and distintive Dog and War movie

You don't very often see kids movie which are based on true stories or war. But that's what Stg. Stubby is about. Surprisingly, it works. The strengths: The music, the story and the fact that the movie doesn't have one of the likely endings one might predict. I suspect the ending is largely due to Stubby being based on a true story. I'm unaware how accurate this portrayal is to the real story, but it seemed to me like a respectable adaptation. The way they managed to show the awful reality of The Great War, while keeping it G rated is really a difficult triumph of the film. It's important for people to have exposure the errors in war, as opposed to just the victories and heroism. This film highlights both. The weaknesses: The voice acting doesn't stand out as great. The dialogue isn't a strength. But they get a longer leash (no pun intended) because it's a kids movie. The animation is great in the 2D segments, and much of the 3D animation is fine. However there are clips where I can tell they didn't have the funds to make the animation as good as they'd like it to be. The clips of the soldiers marching seem noticeably too synchronized and took me out of the story. Overall, I recommend this film to anyone. It's not a film expect to win Oscars or nominations. But, it's a distinctive likable real-story dog movie. And the film is especially good if you want a mostly uplifting real story for kids about a subject they likely know little about: World War 1. I'm probably in the minority, but I find the history of World War 1 to be just interesting and important as World War 2. It seems the average person knows 10 times more about World War 2 than World War 1 and there are about 10 World War 2 movies for each World War 1 movie. World War 1 highlights how futile and unnecessarily evil war can be even for the victors. World War 2 on the other-hand often enables the attitude of supporting war, because a lot of the losses to World War 2 seem worth it or necessary because of what was gained and what was at stake. A lot of wars are more like WW1 than WW2, and this is something everyone should understand.

Reviewed by Shilohbloo 10 / 10 / 10

A Heartwarming Gem to Stir the Soul

There are really no appropriate words to express my feelings about this lovely little hero and the charming film that did an incredible job encapturing him; but I will do my best. ... My Papa Herbie and I saw this amazing movie for his birthday just three days before he went into the hospital. and he said that he just kept thinking about Sgt. Stubby and couldn't help but choke up with tears every time, reminding him of his own beloved furbaby, Frisco, from many years before. He kept saying what a beautiful dog he was and how this is one of the best movies ever made...and I wholeheartedly agree with him. This poignant film should be shown in libraries, museums, schools, veteran groups, etc., everywhere! I just can't thank enough all those involved for bringing beloved Stubby so beautifully to us, and for what they had done for me and my precious father (who has since passed onto the good Lord) through him...for making it and giving such a heartwarming memory of me and my beloved pops. Until the very last he was talking about sweet Stubby. You just have no idea what this meant to us. Clearly Sgt. Stubby is still saving lives even now!!! We also played Stubby's music at his vet funeral service on Memorial Day weekend, and everyone was in awe at the loveliness of it all. Thank you again so very much, and so many of God's blessings to you.

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