Shadow People


Horror / Thriller

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April 12, 2019



Alison Eastwood as Child at orphange
Anne Dudek as Grail
Dallas Roberts as Charlie Crowe
Gary Grubbs as Jax Texas Beer's owner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by featherscoff 1 / 10 / 10

Don't watch it

I never rate anything 1 star, but this movie has got to be the worst movie ever. I would be embarrassed to be the directer of this movie. I saw it not too long ago, but I still can't remember anything about it because it was that bad. There is nothing else to say but I have to write 5 lines so... um... well... saw is a good movie I surest you hmm...

Reviewed by mattrini-61374 8 / 10 / 10


Very few movies are done as well as Shadow People! Great story, and the fact that it is believable instills fear. The story moves along at a good pace. You MUST watch this flick through the first set of credits in order to get the last jolt! I have friends who refuse to watch this movie due to fear of the dark! I loved it, and my skin crawls with just the thought of it! Great job & thank you!

Reviewed by nobonesl 8 / 10 / 10

Well done and genuinely creepy

This film chills with ideas and suggestions more than with visuals and gore or straight action. The director, IMO, does a great job with a modest budget and pulls out a bag full of skillful director's tricks (lighting, camera angles, shadows, color variations, etc) to achieve his ends. When there is an effect, it happens in shadowy spots of the screen image, reinforcing a spooky ambiance in the film. One of the best low-budget/minimal-FX films I've seen in years. It worked for me. My hat is off to the director/writers and actors for a job well done.

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