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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Davis P 9 / 10 / 10

Wonderfully acted film

Shame (2011) is actually the first NC-17 film I've ever seen. NC-17 is a very rare rating that the MPAA gives out. But I will say that this film earns it, be forewarned that there are very explicit sexual scenes with both full male and female nudity. Honestly this film needed to be explicit because of the film's content. The plot surrounds the character of Brandon, played by Michael Fassbender, who is a single man who lives in New York. He seems like a normal single man, but he is actually a sex addict, he has sex with anything that walks basically. He is always searching out sexual satisfaction. That satisfaction can either come in the form of masturbation or actual sex acts with other people. His life is interrupted when his singer sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) moves in with him for a period of time because she has nowhere else to go. This film focuses on two things. It focuses on Brandon and his addiction to sexual activity. And two, it focuses on Brandon's relationship with his somewhat dependent sister Sissy. I love how the filmmakers are able to accomplish both of these things so well. There are scenes where we as the audience don't hear a lot as far as dialogue goes, but we see the characters actions, and you are able to see what their lives are all about and we're taken into these people's minds. The performances by the two leads, Fassbender and Mulligan, are absolutely fabulous. I adored their acting and they do it in a way where the audience is sucked in and captivated by what's going on. This is an absolutely fabulous film and I suggest it 100%. I'll admit that this is isn't a movie for everyone. If you are uncomfortable with the subject of sex or with strong sexual content shown on screen then I'd say you need to stay away. 9/10 for Shame.

Reviewed by SlyGuy21 9 / 10 / 10

It's harder than you think

Tackling a subject as dark and grim as porn addiction can be extremely difficult. You risk delving into just straight up porn, to completely alienating your audience because of the extreme subject matter. This does it pretty damn well though. Fassbender does a really good job as this silent, suave, lady's man who really has a dark side he's ashamed of. Similar to a Patrick Bateman like character, a person who puts on a facade in order to keep up appearances, but on the inside is way more twisted. It does the subject justice, it's not just sex for the sake of having sex, and I respect that. It shows that addiction doesn't just affect the person doing it, but the people around them too. It's a drug, and it's hard to stop. On a personal note, I've been trying to distance myself from porn as well, and it's freakin' hard. I wouldn't say I'm as hooked as Fassbender is here, but I find myself having that itch, and I need to get through it. Would I see this again, no, but I did enjoy the movie, and would recommend it to someone who wants to see an NC-17 movie that isn't just for shock value.

Reviewed by lewismillican 9 / 10 / 10

As Brilliant As It Is Necessary In The 21st Century

Shame rather bravely tackles arguably the least talked about addiction in our 24 hour media world; sex addiction. This serious affliction is often glossed over in movies in place of seemingly more 'glamorous' addictions in drugs and alcohol. Perhaps this is due to the difficulty of writing a script and creating a focal character that is done tastefully. Opposed to making a movie that is basically an upmarket porno with a script that can't convey any severity or meaning. Shame brings some class to the table, facing up to the challenge through bringing a sense of realism and grit. General Thoughts I'll start with the script… it is brilliant, it is natural, it is genuine and the conversations in each and every scene seem fluid and real. For any screen writers out there this is how you write a script, and believe it or not it is just how people talk in real life as well! It was of course truly brought to life by not only lead character Brandon (Michael Fassbender) but the support cast. The on screen chemistry the manifested between him and his Sister (Carey Mulligan) was intense and that relationship actually proved to be such a perfect microcosm of Brandon's state of mind. Coupled with that, the direction by Steve McQueen is fabulous, not only the gloomy cinematography but the individual scene setups are brilliant. They are deeply atmospheric, Brandon's apartment is a very interesting use of space, and for me you feel 'cornered' along with him in his many arguments with his Sister. It is clinical, regimented and has very little soul which you can not help think will only curve his ability to develop and live in comfort. We are nearly on a home run when it comes to a checklist of what makes a brilliant movie but next is the score. It is dark, it is atmospheric and the diegetic score coming from brandon's personal music choices perfectly epitomises the mood of each and every scene. The dire and desperate music Brandon seems to choose is no coincidence, and only seems to add to the pain he is going though. We are indeed on a home run now surely? costumes; the clothing Brandon chooses perfectly reflects the state of his life and his addiction. Dark, dull, bland and lifeless, the costume designers have done a great job here. Clothing is well known to be an expression of someones personality. It is very easy to see if someone feels at ease and is comfortable in their own body, by what they wear. Therefore this is a element of the movie I simply had to bring up. Stand out performances Brandon (Michael Fassbender) Brandon is the focal point of this movie and he is an incredibly complex human. In that amounts other things it is evident he is not able to have a meaning relationship, he doesn't allow himself to open up and be himself. There are flashes throughout the movie in which he allows himself to be his true self, most noticeable on his date with Marianne (Nicole Beharie) and with his boss, David (James Dale). He is constantly trapped and is unable to live freely due to this affliction he seems to have caught himself up in. It is as if, like a smoker, he is a slave to his addiction he completely changes as a person when he is having what you could call 'withdrawal symptoms'. He will do anything to get what he desires and when I say anything… watch the movie and you'll find out. Sissy (Carey Mulligan) Not without her own problems Brandon's sister provides a fabulous sub plot to this. You can genuinely feel the pain she is going through in her performance and truly brings the script alive. I don't think Steve could have asked for much more from his leading lady in order to bring the best out of the protagonist and emphasise the ordeal he is going through. Final Thoughts Shame is as brilliant as it is necessary in this day in age. A greater understanding and compassion for the affliction is very much required from the general public, and this movie is a great step in that direction. With a protagonist that you can truly warm to. A small but vital support cast in which there are no missing links and every role has meaning, this makes for a truly refreshing movie. Although glum at times, that is very much necessary in bringing realism to a dire affliction. With a plot that is not multifaceted and over complex it never staggers but only builds in momentum. Like a snowball down a hill, never is there a point where you are not fully invested in this movie. For that very reason it is undoubtedly my favourite Fassbender role to date. 9/10

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