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Amitabh Bachchan as Dattatraya Vakharia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by srirammeera 1 / 10 / 10

Entirely Avoidable......sad wrinkle in a stellar year for Amitabh - 1978

This movie has all the signs of a project that everyone decided to can and then took it out of the dustbin maybe around the same time that Don became a huge hit. Besharam has almost the same story and look and feel (Amitabh working for Iftekar to inflitrate the baddies), music by Kalyanji-Anandji, a Helen dance number - night-club disco-esque 70s feel - police and sirens everywhere but then the similarities end. Everything else about the movie is 3rd rate - there is no Kishore Kumar, an ageing but still sexy Sharmila Tagore is no replacement for the storm that Zeenat cooked up in the 70s, the 3 songs are probably from the KA's dustbin, and all of the actors incl the great Amjad act embarassed to be here - and Big B unable to make up his mind if he is in Zanjeer or Don or Kasauti. This I guess is the last forgettable movie of Amitabh in what however became a next-10 year run of almost continuous hits Strictly Historical Museum value movie as a cautionary tale of how even th Giants can stumble !!!! Strictly for diehard Bachchan fans for historical interest

Reviewed by ArvindVyas / 10

Shameless! Really...

Most of the early movies of AB had good theme and story lines. This is one of his early movies where the theme starts decaying. AB lives in a village which is dominated by evil Thakur Amzad Khan. His father an honest teacher dies courtacy Thakur. Unknown to Thakur AB grows to become a Police Inspector. Comes back to village, posing as a prince, he wants revenge which is also rolled in the call of the duty. Sarika has played role of Thakur's sister, who falls for Amitabh. Average stuff altogather. Deven Verma provides comic relief and watch for his comments just before intermission and end of the movie. Overall an indifferent movie. Watch or not, hardly would make a difference.

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