Shanghai Fortress


Sci-Fi / War

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Godfrey Gao as Yang Jiannan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malavia-94356 1 / 10 / 10


The plot mixes love story, war and science fiction, but none of then has been clearly expressed. Also the voice problem, the voice is dubbed by actors themselves, however, it cannot match their mouthes in screen! An interesting comment in Chinese movie web 'Dou Ban' reads below: "Wandering Earth had opened the gate of Chinese science fiction movie. Now Shanghai Fortress has closed it again" While the box office has been a disater for this rubbish, I'm still having good hopes on Chinese SF movies' future.

Reviewed by bamboohat 2 / 10 / 10


Disappointed about this movie. Actors didn't pay enough efforts to practise.

Reviewed by kmsmith-61353 2 / 10 / 10

Too much "piano" - Starship Troopers without any of the cheesy fun

Living in Shanghai, had high hopes going in. Seeing Lu Han, a member of the 'little fresh meat' a term given to actors or young, overly boyish guys (typically only 2-3 of them at a time) who are featured in around 70% of the ads in China, playing the lead role, hurt those hopes. But love a good movie and supportive of China's growth in big screen entertainment. Shu qi, the biggest name, played her role with as much emotion as a block of wood. A good looking woman with a lengthy history of acting should have been able to do more - maybe having the romantic interest of what looked and acted like a 12-year old boy (Lu Han) took away her acting chop desires. Effects were video game level, if that. Plot was confusing, characters jumping all over the place. Looked forward to seeing the destruction of Shanghai - something surreal about seeing where you live blown to bits by aliens - just as NYC, London, Paris and countless other big cities have been left ruin. Was very cool seeing what I call home on the big screen, but was the only thing that kept me in my seat. My wife fell asleep. Theater was only 3% full on opening night - typhoon did not help. Lu Han, the director, and most everything else about the movie, were the real disaster, though this one man made. Saturday Night Live had "More Cowbell", China unfortunately has "More Piano!" Finally, enough with the piano - any scene that involves two people speaking, with the slightest hint of love or nostalgia, off goes a piano, keys strikes attempting to stir the emotional heart of the audience.

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