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Aubrey Peeples as Talya
Cassie Scerbo as Alex Colshis
John Heard as John Pierce
Tara Reid as Effing White
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OnlyNick 2 / 10 / 10

Laugh Out Loud Funny

Ever since this movie was released it's had some sort of weird cult following. This movie is so bad, it's fun. I expect that's the reasoning behind the large following, so I suppose I can understand. I've now made a special listing in my IMDb account for Awesomely Bad Movies. In the last two months I've see three movies that qualify for that directory (so far, this is not the worst one). Oddly, though, in addition to being atrocious they are kind of enjoyable in an abnormal sort of way. I mean seriously, in Sharknado a hammerhead shark flies through the sky and actually lands on a guy's head! How awesome is that? Plus, the dad from Home Alone is in it! Sure, he plays a sleazy alcoholic but, come on, he's the DAD FROM HOME ALONE!!! (RIP Mr. Heard) The writing? Well, how's this for award winning dialogue: "He must have wanted a snack," says a shark bitten Australian dude. "Shark's don't like vegemite!" responds witty a lifeguard. Or, the biggest understatement of the movie, exclaimed by Sharnado's lead, Fin (pun intended I'm certain of it), "We gotta get outta here. Quick." Well no shit. When I was browsing Netflix, I noticed there are at least four more Sharnado movies just waiting to be consumed. I haven't seen those yet, but I intend on it. It's winter as I write this, so I'll need some cheering up as the weeks go by. TWO things you'll LIKE about "Sharknado": 1) You'll see things you've never seen before in any other movie, that's for damn sure. 2) You'll no longer wonder what it looks like to kill sharks with a chainsaw. TWO things you'll DISLIKE: 1) If you're a struggling artist, you'll be pissed off that a move like this got funding and ultimately licensed for release. If you're an actor, you'll be jealous of those who were hired on, saying to yourself, "That guy sucks, I could have done better!" And you'll be right. 2) The CGI (and there's a lot of it) is probably some of the worst you've seen. That seems to be pretty standard with these B-horror movies.

Reviewed by Paul Evans 7 / 10 / 10

It's a terrible joy.

I can't understand why the film has such a low rating, sure it's.a shocker, but for originality and sheer audacity it's a six minimum. It's almost like a zombie film was intended but at the very last minute someone burst into the office and said let's use sharks and have tornados. It's not meant to be taken seriously, I don't think the producers looked for awards, instead they delivered ninety minutes of enjoyable nonsense. Some of the effects are ok, some are pretty poor, they do however beat the stock footage shots. Plenty of continuity errors, rain one moment, dry the next etc, but I won't knock it any more, that would be too easy. It's ridiculous, outrageous, but funny and imaginative, that line 'we're gonna need a bigger chopper' felt like a thumbs up to the greatest shark movie of all time. A guilty pleasure.

Reviewed by bluecouchpotato 7 / 10 / 10

Mindless fun

Wait, I really rated this a 7? Yes, I did. Is it a great movie? Absolutely not. But it is definitely fun and funny and sometimes that's enough.

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