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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheFilmographer 9 / 10 / 10

What we have in common is more important than what we don't

A little film with a big heart and an important message. Shot on a iPhone, this film goes to prove that it is much more important to have ideas and to tell well a universal story. Well done to all involved.

Reviewed by billsheri 10 / 10 / 10

like watching a bored cat

Boring watch, really a reality of what would happen if a cat became human but with no funny moments or interesting takes on things, no explanation as to how a human could walk around naked in the street, had to turn it off when he got in a cardboard box in someone's driveway

Reviewed by thisisorganic 10 / 10 / 10

A treat for true cat lovers

I've been a cat lover my entire life and honestly haven't felt truly "seen" by an animal movie before now. SHEDDING goes so much deeper than cute cat moments. It doesn't rely on it's gimmick or get corny. It is an authentic expression of what life would truly be like for a cat to become a human and the beautiful thing about it is that it ends up exploring the nuances of the human experience with depth and quiet absurdity. It's as if someone made an awards-season-movie for cat lovers. It's such a highly original film and it trusts its audience with an intentional and meditative pace. I cried watching it. I was so genuinely moved by this small indie production.

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