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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chimchiiimney-26773 10 / 10 / 10

I don't understand the negative reviews.

Jealous fellow indie filmmakers, perhaps?? Lovely twist on the usual time-travel film. Great performances, especially by the lead--career-making turn IMO.

Reviewed by jonyen 1 / 10 / 10

Time travel ain't always on your side

Before you make a time machine kids, check out this movie as a salutory lesson. And also, all l those budding directors whose movies are streaming during lockdown and who, for the most part, I want to strangle, check out what you can do for 30 large. Maybe it was the uncontrollable (and surprisingly unannoying) compulsion of Nicole Fancher's character to speak in an "ootchy wootchy" cutesy voice whenever she saw a cat (or a picture of one) or the clever use of a non linear story line (is there any other one in time travel flicks?), but this was a Covid time indie movie that held my interest. Great art direction, reasonable special effects, convincing performances and feel of growing fear and dread made this engaging throughout. Although much is revealed, there is not much explained in this film: who is this woman and why is she building a time travel device out of an old PC and a 44 gallon drum? And what happens to the cat? A great rhythm develops with enough human interaction to stop you feeling cold as a viewer. I see a great future for Nicole Fancher and writer/ director Jacob Leighton Burns: imagine what they could do if they actually had a budget that was more than most movies' "trendy chemical amusement aid flakes" spend. If you like dark, clever, moody flicks check this out. You will learn, to paraphrase Fancher's character, why quantum physics is not a fun hobby, its a curse.

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10 / 10

The best part of this one is the movie poster...

...and it appears to be copied directly from 1982's "The Thing". When it comes to sci fi movies, I don't need the cgi and special effects to keep me interested. Just give me a thought provoking story. I can even get past her time machine made out of an old oil drum and toaster parts. Unfortunately, this one makes zero sense, has zero message, a flatline from start to finish. Just odd looking people that can't act, a very large dose of misandry, and we watch the lead character throw up *thirty-one times*! What's more annoying than that is her "cute kitty" cartoon voice she does seven times. Not even good enough for background noise while you multitask.

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