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Alysia Reiner as Interviewer
David Zayas as Detective Richards
Musetta Vander as Sgt. Jacqueline 'Jack' Moore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chelaavila-73105 10 / 10 / 10

Liked the movie very much

Great dancing and photography, We enjoyed it very much.

Reviewed by eileentorres 10 / 10 / 10

Accurate Portrayal

SHINE gives an accurate and authentic portrayal of the close-knit Latino and salsa community. We are greeted with rousing music that prepares the viewer for what is yet to come. The music pays tribute to the classics while introducing new titles. The dancing represents the evolution of a traditional art that now incorporates the acquired skills of spins, footwork (shines), and musicality-defined by punctuating the orchestration with corresponding accents in body and footwork. Most of the dancers are instantly recognizable to the global salsa community. The movie spotlights an urban phenomenon that is responsible for much heartbreak. Gentrification is an American problem. SHINE reminds the viewer that those that have contributed tremendously to the cultural fabric of the collective American community are largely disregarded and considered dispensable. SHINE like any other movie is not for everyone. However music lovers, those that appreciate highly- skilled dancing, and Latinos everywhere must see this movie. Keep seated for the credits and revel in the number of Spanish surnames that appear. That is a rare occurrence but the gears have shifted. We will continue to SHINE.

Reviewed by sr-18281 10 / 10 / 10

Shine Rocks

This movie is so compelling for me as salsa music promoter and as a Puerto Rican. In an era when Puerto Rican culture and population is ignored in many ways...this movie is an epic

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