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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbdinger 5 / 10 / 10

Bog standard college rom com

Everything this movie offers has been done better before. e.g. Before Sunrise has better romance and chemistry, Old School has better comedy, and Goodwill Hunting has better drama. Probably a little unfair, but it is what it is - especially when you attempt cross-genre like this one does. The film is written by, directed by and starring Cooper Raiff. He spends most of the film moping and doting on a girl (played by Amy Landecker) who is almost never nice to him. The lead character often comes across as "soy-based" (for lack of a better descriptor), and if either of these lead characters accurately represent the "snowflake generation" (again for lack of a better word), then I'm seriously worried for the sensibilities of the current youth. Cue old man shaking fist "it wasn't like this in my day". Still, it's not an outright awful movie - it's generally well-acted and shot, and some of the writing is solid (the film apparently strives for a naturalistic tone - i.e. almost like unscripted improv and it works). Overall, I don't think it's worth the time, but based on the imdb rating it seems to resonate for some viewers.

Reviewed by dcstar-54315 8 / 10 / 10

Umm... I'm confused

Boy acted really well. Movie stared really good. I enjoyed comedy. Emotions, dialogues etc everything was good But the ending is just weird. It's like there was no conclusion in the ending. Everything just goes as it was. Which doesn't really make sense to me. But worth the watch.

Reviewed by Uncreative_Name_ 8 / 10 / 10

An Honest Film About College

Cooper Raiff has created one of the most honest films about the college experience. So often college set films are filled with all the bluster about partying, having all sorts of fantastic new experiences and the loads of potential new sexual partners it offers up. But the thing you also don't see as much of is the fact that it is also a scary time. There is a lot of change which happens so fast and you do get left alone to find out who you are and find your new home. And some people are better equipped to navigate that path than others and especially people that have problems dealing with change or have difficulty letting people in can struggle with that. And those that struggle with it initially can feel like they are left behind making college much more perilous than you often see. There is nothing more alienating than being somewhere surrounded by other people and lacking the ability to connect with them. Being alone in that environment cuts even deeper. Things come alive though when Alex begins to hang out with Maggie who is a year older and unlike him has fully adjusted to college life and hasn't seemed to have had any problems with it. And it is that dynamic between them which provides a wonderful spark to the film. And it becomes the beating heart of the film as they get to know each other through conversations. Raiff shows a great deal of skill here as he writes some really great dialogue. He begins with that spark between them with a shared sense of humor but also infuses it with the awkwardness of two people feeling each other and not knowing each other well enough to know what to ask. But he always uses a real feeling of them both being open to each other as a means to keep going where the speech may feel awkward it is from two people who want to be there with each other. From there Raiff builds momentum from awkward small talk to having them comfortably having a good time together. There is an ease which begins to emerge from people being comfortable and enjoying each others company. But then slowly it begins to drift into territory of being much more personal. Conversations range from discussing life difficulties, their families and even goes towards deep subjects like mortality. Everything is so well written and spoken where it feels like real people talking. Even in the best moments it feels like people trying to summon the words to express themselves with places where they succeed and other places where they just maybe don't get there. But it is pointed enough where we always understand what they want to say even if they can't precisely express it with exact words. It is impressive how confident that Raiff is as a first time filmmaker because right from the first frame he knows what he wants this film to be and shows the patience to make sure it blossoms the way that he wants it to. He never feels the need to strain things or make them bigger and sticks to his guns of making sure it is honest, intimate and more often than not sweet. And he also finds a wonderful mix of emotions within scenes that feels completely human. And while Raiff may show a lot of maturity as a writer, he doesn't show as much as a director. The film looks nice enough and the quiet and understated nature of his composition fit the tone. Especially during the late night walk and his ability through framing to make the characters feel they are getting closer together. But it also feels like he is using old staples instead of creating a unique visual language for his voice.

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