Shock Treatment


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Alain Delon as Tony Arzenta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by melvelvit-1 7 / 10 / 10

Futuristic shock treatment is tame today

Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock" was required reading on college campuses across America back in 1972 and the alarmist book, "about the future and the shock that its arrival brings" was only a forerunner of the fears the 1970s grappled with. Many movies at the time jumped on the bandwagon with cautionary tales and one of the better ones was Alain Jessua's TRAITMENT DE CHOC (1973) which tells the story of Helene (Annie Girardot), a wealthy French fashion designer who has a mid-life crisis when her boyfriend leaves her for a younger woman. On the advice of a friend (Robert Hirsch), she checks into a revolutionary rejuvenation clinic run by the charismatic Dr. Devilers (Alain Delon) where the clientèle, "a microcosm of society" consisting of judges, politicians, bankers, and wealthy heirs, form a sort of secret sect. Helene feels great after the first injection but when her friend can no longer pay, he becomes a pariah in the tight-knit community and he tries to warn her away. The next day he commits suicide and Helene is determined to leave the spa against the doctor's advice until she's approached by two undocumented Portugese male help who separately plead with her to help them escape just before they disappear. Helene becomes intent on discovering the suddenly sinister clinic's mysterious secrets and doesn't hesitate to sleep with the doctor to find out... The primitive "tribal" soundtrack reflects the film's premise that for all of man's technological advancements, the law of the jungle still holds with the strong preying on the weak (or, in this case, the rich feeding off the poor) in a society with more than its share of "disposables". The suspense builds slowly and the climax, although it's lost some impact after decades of similar denouements, is a shocker -but what's really scary is how little the rest of the world cares about the dreadful things Helene discovers. The similarly-themed SOYLENT GREEN was made the same year which shows that these "Me Decade" fears taken to the extreme were universal and continued to be reflected on the screen in such sci-fi films as WESTWORLD (1973), THE STEPFORD WIVES (1975), and DEATH RACE 2000 (1975). There's also a bit of "free love" commentary as the aptly named Dr. Devilers (get it?) casually sleeps with all his female patients and, compared to Hollywood films at the time, both the sympathetic treatment of a gay man (Hirsch) and the full-frontal nudity of Delon & Co. come as a bit of a shock even though both were "natural" and in context. Recommended.

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 10 / 10 / 10

Alain Jessua :an accursed director?

Alain Jessua has made some of the most disturbing movies of a generally tame French cinema (mainly in the seventies and early eighties unless some "avant-garde" drivel like "themroc" counts). Barely ten movies in almost forty years.His best works are to be found between 1972 and 1982,his most fruitful decade which begins with "traitement de choc" and encompasses forgotten works such as "les chiens " "Armaguedon" and "paradis pour tous" . "Traitement de choc" is his towering achievement though:and not only because Delon and Girardot are completely naked for one sequence by the sea .There's much more substance to find here.The core of movie is the fear of dying ,and when you see so many people worship their body today,you cannot deny this flick was ahead of its time. In a strange clinic , doctors Delon and Duchaussoy make people look younger ,thanks to animal cells.That's what they say.Their patients set up a small community of happy few .Girardot who has been ditched by her partner and who comes to think she begins to get old enters the place.Little by little,strange things happen:a lot of the staff (migrant workers) are sent back home because they've got the homesick blues.That's what they say.One of her friend commits suicide because he was broke and could not afford this luxury anymore.That's what they say.The tension increases and in the last fifteen minutes ,"traitement de choc" becomes a true horror film.(One should note it was made the same year as "Solyent Green"). "Traitement de choc" is the selfishness of the bourgeoisie ,the power of money,the eternal dream of perpetual youth which haunts all of us ,man's exploitation of his fellow man (in every sense of the term)."Shock therapy" indeed.

Reviewed by FilmCriticLalitRao 10 / 10 / 10

This Alain Jessua film enables viewers to have a tiny glimpse of their favorite stars in the buff.

It is not possible for anybody to prevent films from getting negative publicity or becoming famous for 'wrong reasons'. French director Alain Jessua directed one important film in his long career which could easily belong to the above mentioned category. It is called 'Traitement De Choc'/Shock Treatment.For absolute puritans, the appearance of French actors Alain Delon and Annie Girardot in some nude scenes might be a cause of concern but for average viewers they provide a healthy dose of voyeurism which is something that is craved by all people. However, the true essence of a film cannot simply rest on the presence of just few sex scenes. This is precisely why a film like Shock Treatment is revolutionary as it was the first film in the history of cinema which heralded the use of human beings as guinea pigs for sadistic pleasures of a few denizens of a selfish capitalist society. Director Alain Jessua chose to highlight the sad plight of impoverished Portuguese boys who were deceived into selling their own bodies when they came to France in search of a better living. Shock treatment is not a horror film but some scenes are not for viewers with a weak heart. Lastly, if you have been enjoying actor Alain Delon's performances as a leading man then 'Shock Treatment' has an element of surprise in it. Watch it in order to explore it with your own eyes.

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