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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10 / 10

Early Akin, not yet at his best

"Kurz und schmerzlos" or "Short Sharp Shock" is a German movie from almost 20 years ago and the language in here is German for the most part too with occasional exceptions doing justice to the characters' origins. Writer and director Faith Akin was only 25 when this one came out and after some short film work, it was his very first full feature film. Taking that into account, it is a decent effort I guess, but as a whole I was not convinced. The characters were not as interesting as I hoped they would be (apart from the breathtakingly sexy Idil Üner) and the effort this movie makes on an emotional level in terms of love and friendship also never really touched me. I cannot really put a finger on what exactly caused this as the acting was decent from start to finish. Maybe it was just me. However, generally I like crime dramas/thrillers, but this one here did not feel right to me. I also wonder how police was absent from start to finish with everything that happened in here. Akin already works with actors that would keep appearing in his films throughout his entire career. Moritz Bleibtreu, however, was not present yet. Two years later, Akin made "Im Juli." and this is when the two collaborated for the first time. But back to this one: Akin himself also has a minor role in here and it's not too uncommon that he also acts in his own works, at least back then it was. All in all the plot never had me at the edge of my seat, maybe also because I somewhat disliked Kurtulus' character and that surely wasn't intended. The negative outweighs the positive and that is why I do not recommend "Kurz und schmerzlos". Thumbs down.

Reviewed by ChWasser 8 / 10 / 10

"Mean Streets" in Hamburg-Altona

Why this movie was a failure at the German box-office will always be a mystery to me. Fatih Akin, the director, was obviously influenced by Martin Scorsese's and Brian DePalma's first movies but he didn't try to imitate them. Instead he made one of the first movies which truly celebrates the 'Multikulti'-society that Germany has become (At least in the larger cities). You can't help but like the Turkish, Serbian and Greek protagonists albeit they are criminals. The characters are far too alive and three-dimensional to be seen as stereotypes/cliches thrown in to reinforce prejudices. To me, KURZ UND SCHMERZLOS was the best German movie of 1998 (Even better than LOLA RENNT) and I recommend it to anyone who likes MEAN STREETS, Matthieu Kassovitz' LA HAINE or the films of Lars Becker. 9 out of 10.

Reviewed by ksahilyol 8 / 10 / 10

Faith Akin's earlier work is as impressive as his recent hit 'Gegen die Wand'

In the light of Faith Akin's 2004 'Gegen die Wand', 'Kurz und Schmerzlos' is relatively The most impressive point of the movie is the grim poverty which penetrates into the close friendship between Gabriel, Costa, and Bobby. Even though these three members of the Greco-Turkish-Serbian gang have sufficient amount of goodwill and mutual respect for, their inferiority complexes, combined with poverty, have detrimental effects on all of them. Bobby, hungry for more street respect, starts to work for an Albanian mafioso, and Costa joins his friend reluctantly as an experienced car thief. Gabriel, fresh from jail, tries to stop his two best buddies from joining the thugs. When Gabriel attempts this in his street-smart way, however, he further pushes his two buddies into the hands of the mafia. As Faith Akin recently reconfirmed with his 2004 movie 'Gegen die Wand', the Turco-German director applies his knowledge about marginal immigrant societies in Germany to his movies. The result is a fascinating, modestly grim, and interesting movies which continue to bring Akin worldwide acclaim and admiration.

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